Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Business World...are you fashion fabulous or a fashion faux pas?

Hello ladies and gentlemen. Beautiful fall day here in Chicago. Big game day for my Huskers. But first I have to go get my nails done...LOVE IT! So, I thought it was time for a post. Last week, I traveled to lovely Dallas, TX for a trade show. The first with my new company. Oh BTW, I got a job, I think I forgot to let everyone know. Yes, now, I have three...well four jobs. None of them pay very well, but someone has to pay for those Manolos and my cat is certainly not pulling her weight. So yes, now I am a Jazzercise Instructor, Jazzercise Center Owner, a Marketing Director and a Sorority Director...E-I-E-I-O. Oh and special thanks to the hottie who bought me dinner on Wednesday night in Dallas. You are the best. XOXO.

So I thought it was time that I talk about fashion in the business world. So my new company is in the mobile app development, software and security industry. So to translate, not a lot of WOMEN. Ladies seriously, if you are in an industry with mostly men (or ANY industry), it does not mean that you can revert away from dressing and acting classy. And does not mean that you can't add a little flair or fashion to your business attire. Funny thing is that my guys at the office don't quite know what to do with me...the heels, the pink, the handbags, the nails and the jewelry is a little much for them. There is only one JZZRGRL!

Here were some of my observations from the trade show:
1. A women in a black lace dress that hit mid thigh with taupe suede heels. (TOO SHORT and bad shoes)
2. A woman working in a booth (using a cleaner on a pole to "shine" the cameras overhead). How utterly phallic and ridiculous. Why do we have to play into the stereotypes?
3. Women wearing gym shoes with their skirts or dress pants (I mean I know it is hard to stand all day...but gym shoes?)

So these were my observations at a trade show. The same things happen at the office as well. So ladies if you work in an office, you need to be mindful of the corporate culture and the dress code. I happen to work in a very casual office, however, I only wear jeans occassionally on Fridays. Here are some of my ladies seriously rules for the office (or the trade show).

1. Don't wear ANYTHING that hits more than one inch above your knee...EVER in the office. Not appropriate. And it makes look like you are distracting people rather than showing them what you can do with your mind.
2. Don't wear anything that shows more than 15% of your boobs (yes, this is a revised rule from the 25% previously stated for the outside the office, which is still appropriate, OUTSIDE the office).
3. Don't wear anything that is too tight, leggings are OK as long as you have a tunic or something similar covering your bootie.
4. Less is more at the office, not too much jewelry, not too much makeup, not too much perfume.
5. Shoes...OK, now my rules are a bit different than others. Some will say certain shoes don't go at the office, I am little lenient on this one. It really depends on your office, some offices don't allow for open toed shoes, some do. NO FLIP FLOPS...GAWD, I hate flip flops... Remember, no hose with open toed shoes.
6. Being at the office, doesn't mean you have to be dowdy. DO use a little color, add a scarf. On the jewelry, one bigger statement piece is fine.

Ladies seriously, use your head. You want to have people notice your brains and your skills at the office, not your short skirt. Have a since of class and style and don't be slutty.

Trying to distract myself from the Husker game right now! Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!