Monday, February 11, 2013

Why dating is like football

Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Yes, it has been entirely too long.  This classy girl has been busy and lacking a little inspiration for a new post.  Guess that happens with you live with your BF, right?  But Pittsburgh was really wanting to post again, ALAS, he has been dating online.  So here you go...

Hey everyone guest blogger Pittsburgh here back at it once again. So, I’ve recently had a string of bad luck in the dating department and it has lead me to once conclusion…

My dating life is basically a game of football. Now I know this is a shocker to a lot of you ladies that a guy will come up with a sports analogy but news flash we either think of sports or women sometimes at the same time but rarely women’s sports. We don’t exactly sit around and discuss gymnastics and such. But please allow me to explain my theory a bit further.
  • The Three and Out – In football this is where a team’s offense can’t get anything going and has to punt after three shots at a first down. Well I seem to be on the opposite side of this in the dating world. I will meet plenty of women and gain a certain level of interest to get three dates but then for some reason that’s as far as it goes and the girl punts. Or more specifically will give me the “you’re a great guy but...” text.  Sometimes I will get close and get a fourth date and try to convert on fourth down but those have not been successful either.
  • Off Season Training - Now that the Super Bowl wrapped up last week I think I also need to take a break and have a bit of an offseason. This is where players work on their skills and tools and come back even better the next year. Who knows how long my offseason will be but like any good player (poor choice of words in my dating analogy) I will be ready to step into the game at any time when it’s called for. I do wish I had some game film on some of these dates to review….
  • No Place For Nice - I have also come to the realization that like the game of football dating is just not for nice people. In football some of the most successful players have been outright mean and nasty guys. In dating it seems like jerks and d-bags have the upper hand. I have been told by all my friends I am too nice to people and I can’t change who I am but I guess I need to work on holding off in the onset.

Well enough of my random sports / dating ramblings for now. Hopefully one of these days the right one comes along and I can convert the first down or who knows maybe take it all the way for a touchdown.

Your Buddy,

Side Note: After running thru target today I realized Valentines Day is this week. I totally forgot since for one of the first times in years I haven’t had to buy any chocolates, flowers, jewelry, stuffed animals, over priced dinners etc. it’s kind of refreshing in a way. #StaySingleStayRich