Sunday, November 16, 2014

You know I have to talk about it....

Good evening ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Happy Thanksgiving.  Time to spend time with family, overeat and hopefully be classy.

Well, you know I had to talk about it....Naked, Oiled Up, NOT CLASSY Kim Kardashian.  And as much as I hate to devote space on my blog about classy women to a lady that I don't find classy, I feel compelled to address the issue.

First of all, let me say, that I am happy to see that we are finding curvy women like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce beautiful and sexy.  All of them are very beautiful women.

Second of all, I am happy that Kim has enough body confidence to put it all out there in a magazine and on the internet.  BUT that is where my positive comments end.

LADIES!  We do not need to see her naked, really.  Kim, cover it up, you are just as sexy when you are wearing a nice jersey wrap dress.  And let me also say that the photo is photoshopped, her waist is not that small.  SO NOT classy!  You don't see Taylor Swift naked, do you?  Nope, she actually has class.

The crazy thing is on my facebook feed that same day there is an article that says, STARS REAL WEIGHTS.  And of course, Kim Kardashian is listed on there....saying....getting ready for this... she weighs like 125 pounds.  UMMM, can I call bull*&%$?  I mean, ladies seriously, if we are going to be real, BE REAL and say guess what Kim weighs like 150-160 pounds.  That's real.

And then there is the whole issue of PLUS SIZED models and the stuff that came out from the Calvin Klein model.  A size 10 is a plus sized model?  HUH?  Average size for a woman in the US today is 14.  So technically a plus size should be 18-24, right?  So I am 145 pounds, size 8...what does that make me?  A plus size, I am sure.

All of this media crap really makes this classy lady angry, NO WONDER, we have so many young ladies with eating disorders and negative body image.  They look at Kim Kardashian and say that is a 125 pounds, then they kill themselves getting their weight to that, when it is not realistic.  Our young women need positive body role models.

Ladies seriously?  Why can't we just be real and admit our weight.  Be healthy, eat healthy, exercise and wear clothes appropriate to your size.  Doesn't seem that difficult.  I guess the best way to get the media to stop sensationalizing women like Kim Kardashian is to stop looking at it and talking about it.  SO, ladies and gentlemen seriously, this is where my comments end.

Keep it real ladies!  Be true to you, be healthy and confident in who you are.  That is way more sexy that a naked, oiled up bootie on the internet.

Enjoy your holiday.  My Ruby Caroline gets to go to see her grandma and grandpa for a week.  So I am checking out until December.

....Keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random Thoughts from a Classy American Traveler

G'day ladies and gentlemen seriously!  I have returned from my BIG 3 week trip Down Under.  I spent most of the month of October traveling with my parents.  It was an amazing trip and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel like that.  Just another perk of my awesome job.

So I thought for this blog post, I would give my random thoughts about being a classy traveler.  Most of them will be directed at my fellow Americans who unfortunately have a tendency to be the worst travelers (besides our friends from Japan and China).

First of all, Sydney is an amazing city and if I win the lottery or marry a millionaire, I would tell you all to peace out and I would be gone, living in a fab condo looking at the harbour, with my sailboat parked out front.  Since that probably isn't going to happen any time soon (I don't play the lottery and I can't pick a decent man to save my life), I may have to stay in Chicago OR perhaps my awesome company will have a job opening for me in the future.

I did have the opportunity to do a lot of small group touring, which of course, gives you an opportunity to meet lots of people.  I met a lot of Australians, Kiwis and Europeans.  And yes, lots of Americans.  Japanese and Chinese tend to travel in large groups, so I didn't encounter them on my trip.  As Americans, we need to be thankful for what we have in this country.  And I find that most people are, but I also find that Americans think that all other countries should be like ours.  And honestly, that is disrespectful.  Part of the reason that you travel is to experience new cultures, new ideas but also to appreciate other nationalities and countries.  And to respect that, you need to try to do things the way that the locals do...I find that many Americans have trouble with that.

Additionally, many of the Americans I met were so busy telling me about how money they had and trying to make themselves seem important.  BLAH!  Who cares?  Honestly, I could tell in the first 5 minutes of speaking with these people, what they were about and I had to steer clear.  Now, of course, this isn't unique to travelers, this happens a lot.  But I found that only the Americans were the ones that were concerned about that.

Lastly, when on a small group tour, Americans, it shouldn't be your goal to drink every bit of wine/alcohol provided.  Seriously, I was on a boat cruise and the Americans were the ones that were booing the staff when they took their glasses away...REALLY?  Really gross and disgusting.

So American ladies and gentlemen seriously, have some class when you travel, don't expect all other nationalities to think that America is the best (it is great, but certainly not the best), please please be respectful and do as the locals do and generally be accepting of all experiences and cultures (otherwise, don't travel).  And don't get drunk and stupid.  And don't expect everyone to speak English (I had this lovely Italian couple at one of my dinners, their English wasn't great, but people were just talking louder to them...poor people.  They were from Milano...AHHH, I would love to go there).

I know I have done blog posts before on this, usually after every time I travel, but boy, does it upset me.  If you want to take a peek at my photos, they are posted on my FB page.  All 600 of them.

So we are now getting into the holidays, and it tends to make people crazy (families sometimes have that effect on people).  Ladies and gentlemen seriously, keep calm and remember they are family and you just need to go with the flow.  Be merry, spread positive cheer!  And keep it classy, no one likes big fights and icy silence on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

....keep your heels, chin and standards high...