Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Change what you want...or what you do!

Well ladies and gentlemen seriously!! It has been too long, over a month. I know you have been missing your updates from JZZRGRL. So I do apologize. I actually do have a very good excuse. It was time for a MAJOR change in my life and so I did has taken me about 6 months to pull it all together and I am still working on parts of it. So here we go.

First things first, I have a new job which I absolutely LOVE, LOVE! I have finally left wireless (this time, I hope for good) and I doing sales and marketing for a fabulous luxury travel agency in the city (only 10 mins from my condo). We specialize in the South Pacific, so when you are ready to travel to New Zealand, Australia, Tahiti or Fiji, you let me know. I work for a wonderful, classy Aussie who is just on the same page in life as me. And we just determined that Friday afternoons we are going to try new wines at the office, reverse AA as the Aussie likes to say :). The office is a blast and I get to take my first trip to Antigua in June as a travel consultant. LOVE IT.

Next thing, I did sell one of my Jazzercise locations. I have decided that I probably need to cycle the Jazzercise facility owning business out of my life. I am still working on some of it, certainly not going to happen overnight but hopefully in the next year. NEVER FEAR, I am still teaching and always will. I mean I have been teaching 14 years and lost 40 pounds recently from Jazzercise, can't give that up. Plus I LOVE teaching.

Lastly, I think we may have a winner in the date department. RCH Jr. You don't have many positive dating stories from me, so indulge me a bit. Met him at a restaurant/bar in the suburbs, sit down next to him, start chatting with him (I was with my Mattie). Find out that he lives three blocks from me in the city. RCH Jr...45, never married, no kids, dresses better than me and UMMMM...manager at a high end shoe store. And yes ladies, he is bald (you know I love that). So after I left the restaurant, I had given him my card (to "prove" I lived where I did). He actually CALLED me the next day and the rest as they say is history, calls or texts every day. Classy, kind, honest, smart, sports fan (did go to LSU, I don't about that SEC), good lookin, doesn't let me open any doors (I get in trouble) and he actually loaded the dishes in the dishwasher at MY condo last night. OH boy, his mother taught him well. So, here's to hoping you hear more about RCH Jr.

And just HOW does this update tie to my recurring theme of the blog, keeping it classy? Well, what is more classy than taking your life and turning it upside down for the better? As cliche as it sounds, change what you want or change what you do. I wasn't happy with what I was doing (nor was I making enough money in wireless), so it was time for a change! I found a whole new career doing international travel! Selling wine trips! Finally feel like I am making some headway in my life and found what I wanted to be when I grow up (at ALMOST 41). It wasn't easy (took about 5 years total), but here I am. And if I can do it, you can certainly do it (I am SURE I am not as smart you all).

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, it is classy to be wildly happy. So find it and DO IT. Oh yeah, and when you get a little money, you can buy new shoes. :) Change it up, keep it classy and be happy. Next week I am going on my birthday trip to SNOBSdale to see my favorite parents. So happy birthday to me.

...keep your standards, your chin and heels high.