Wednesday, January 25, 2012

It's a pretty easy equation....

Hi ladies and gentlemen, it's been a bit since I have been inspired with a post with words of wisdom from JZZRGRL! It is that time of year when everyone is doing their New Year's Goals...correct? You know when you go to the gym and have to park in the North 40 because everyone is back working out. And then you say to yourself, don't worry it will clear up in a month, all these people will gone...RIGHT?

Well, I posted on this subject quite some time ago and I felt compelled to talk about it again. It seems like everyone is looking for that quick know the newest fad diet, the newest exercise that make you lose weight and look like Jennifer Aniston. Well, guess what, ladies (and gentlemen), Jennifer Aniston works out every SINGLE day to look like that. So a month of pilates is probably not going to get you there. If your goal is to lose weight, there is ONE VERY SIMPLE equation. Eat less, exercise more. If your body burns more calories than you take in every day, you will lose weight. And short of starving yourself, which simply is not healthy, you will need to do something to burn more calories.

And guess what that means?? Exercise. And I am not just talking abot Yoga and Pilates, which are amazing exercise programs and should be a complement to your AEROBIC exercise. Yes, you need to get that heart rate up and you need to sweat a little. So you need to pick something you LOVE to do...for me it has been Jazzercise since 1993. One of the best favors I ever did myself was when I graduated from college, I started Jazzercise. I worked during the day and went to Jazzercise at night, so I got in a routine of going to class after work. I never got used to going home first and so now if I go straight home after work, I am not quite sure what to do with is a good habit to have.

So this isn't an advertisement for Jazzercise, you do what works for you, even if it it that Z-Word...our competitor. But hear me now, if you want those six pack abs and a great buns, you have to work for them. No diet or pill will get you there.

As far as food goes, it DOES matter what you eat. My recommendation is find a diet that works for you, Weight Watchers, South Beach, Atkins, whatever. I chose to start with Isagenix, which is a nutritional cleanse diet. 18 months, 38 pounds, 58 inches over all, 8% decrease in my Body Fat and BMI AND went down 2 1/2 dress sizes. BUT I will tell you that I count my calories every day STILL.... I use a calorie counter in my iPhone and at the end of the month, the goal is be under overall calories...and that is how I maintain. And you also see it took 18 months.

What worked for this classy lady may not work for you...BUT here is how to be classy and get to your goal, stop complaining about how you look and get off your bootie and move it. Watch what you eat and have usually takes 6-12 months to see big differences. Remember, you didn't put on the weight overnight and it will take longer than overnight to take it off. And when you do hit that goal weight, CELEBRATE! Buy something fabulous for yourself and let others compliment worked hard for your new body, flaunt it and say thanks.

Well, that's what I have today. Eat, drink, be merry and keep it is a new one that I LOVE...Keep your head, heels and your standards high...nice.


Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Facebook as your relationship advertiser?

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I trust that the new year is going well and that you are continuing to keep it classy. How are those New Year's goals coming? Still working on mine, but I have been GOOD...I swear! SO in the last couple of weeks, this subject has come up and I felt VERY compelled to address the issue after seeing some recent facebook posts that were very upsetting to me.

So yes, we all use facebook, some of us more than others. And of course, there is a whole section where you can publish your relationship status to everyone...single, in a relationship, married, it's complicated (HUH??), in an open relationship (yeah, right, does she know that?), widowed, separated, divorced, in a civil union, OR in a domestic partnership. Well, being PC, facebook seems to have covered everything. And then if you are in a relationship or civil union, married, etc, you can TAG your partner.

SIGH!!!! If you are compelled to profess your relationship to others on facebook that is your prerogative.

In this classy girl's opinion, unless you are married, engaged or in a civil union (I get it, you have made a commitment in front of god and all of your friends and family), are you REALLY sure you want to announce that relationship to everyone? Not this girl...I will always be single on facebook (doesn't mean I can't have a BF) until Jason Statham marries me....When I was dating HT, I never once tagged him in a photo or attached my facebook page to his, because well, would I have really wanted to go through my heart breaking breakup on facebook? Not this girl, I can't imagine it. But hey if you want to pronounce your love in a public way, just be prepared if it goes south...what you are going to do and you want to explain what happened, because REST ASSURED people will ask when you change your status.

And let me just say this...if you are going through a divorce, probably not a great idea to announce it all over facebook. I have been through a divorce and even though it was amicable, it was still HORRIBLE and why would you want to go through that on facebook? And further, ladies and gentlemen, if you are not YET divorced, please, please don't announce your NEW relationship on facebook, sorry, it's just tacky! What about your kids and your relatives? You want them seeing that?

There is a time and a place for everything and social networking, while fun and a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, should not be the place to announce personal details...PLEASE, your friends don't want to see it. THANK YOU, SIGNED JZZRGRL.


Thursday, January 5, 2012

All is fair in love and college football?

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen. I trust that you had a fabulous time during the holidays and kept it classy as always. My New Years was awesome, great dinner with one of my favs, my Mattie, on NYE, hung with the family on REAL New Years Day and hung with my friends on pretend New Years Day. Of course, pretend New Years Day was not real happy since my Huskers got their butts kicked....wonder when the hothead coach (he may need to learn some class) is going to pull it together and figure out how to get our team to play four quarters of football...ANYWAY!

Just had a friend tell me a story that I thought I would share because it got me to thinking about being a sports fan and acting classy. So a friend of mine and her family were at the Rose Bowl game the past week. At halftime, her husband went to the bathroom and was wearing his team's colors (his daughter works for the team). An opposing team fan was also in the bathroom and perceived that the husband had "cut" in line and proceed to throw him to the ground. The husband had a concussion, a huge cut on his head and had to be taken out in an ambulance. The whole family missed the second half of the game. WOW...really? Now that's the way to be a classy fan. And the husband was wearing green and yellow...I will let you figure out the rest.

Ladies and gentlemen seriously, your class and grace do not get to go out the window while watching or participating in sports. When your team wins big, it is simply not classy to be in the face of the opposing team or to yell things like "this is the Big 10" to the losing team. Have some class. As you know from reading my blog, I am HUGE sports fan and yes there are teams that I don't like AT ALL, but I would never say or cheer horrible things about that team. Who you are and how you act at a sporting event SHOULD reflect how you are everyday...your class and personality. And hey, if you happen to be a jerk, then go ahead and act that way, but I don't think there actually that many jerks out there.

There is a way to be an intense fan for your team while still being classy. And yes, I may be biased, but I think if you went to Memorial Stadium in Lincoln, NE on football Saturday, the Husker fans will show you how to be intense and still be classy. Just ask the Penn State University football players and fans who wrote a letter to the university after their game against the Huskers (yes, we won) thanking us for the class that we showed in the wake of the controversy at the school. Hey I am proud to be a alumna of the school that is considered to have the classiest fans in all of college football.

So the season is almost over, take it to heart and next fall when the GameDay starts up again, let's have a little more class....SO upsetting. It's college football, ladies and gentlemen seriously, we are not curing cancer! Geez, if everyone had that much intensity about cancer like they do sports, cancer would be GONE!

Ok, JZZRGRL is off her soapbox for today! How are those New Years Resolutions coming? I like to call them goals and give them dates...might help with the follow through!