Friday, February 18, 2011

Take a hint from my friends in the South...

Oh ladies and gentlemen seriously, it has been TOO long since I have posted anything. I suppose I should bring you up to speed, since you are dying to know what is happening with JZZRGRL. Well, things are all good, I did go back onto recently and have had a few dates, three of them to be exact. And one of them is a pretty good match (we are going out again), the other two were probably not good matches (but VERY nice, very classy guys). The funny thing is that the one that I am most interested in is not from is the 29 year old that I met several months back. Still meeting all of the JZZRGRL criteria.

So last weekend was the 2nd Annual Anti-Valentine's Day Pub Crawl. Great turnout...the stats are: 8 PM to 3 AM, 12 attendees, 6 bars, a lot of drinks and more laughs. And only one make-out session and yep that was yours truly. Had to keep my streak going. But once again, everyone kept it classy. Thanks to all of my awesome friends.

So, this AM, I was watching the returns from the last debate between the candidates running for the Mayor of Chicago. And I was APPALLED at the things that these politicians say to one another. There are 5 major candidates and 4 of them basically had nothing to say but bad stuff about the leading candidate. Now, I am not endorsing Mr. Emanuel (this blog is political neutral), however, to the other candidates, SERIOUSLY, find some other subject matter besides finding everything wrong with Rahm. Don't you have your own thoughts, your own ways to make Chicago better. At least Rahm had enough class not to respond to the attacks.

And it is not just this election, it is ALL elections, they get SO nasty. Why are politicians SO rude to one another? If you are running for public office, there has to be a reason and therefore, talk about your issues, not why you hate the other guy. When you go into a job interview, you don't get to tell the interviewer why your competition sucks, you have to talk about your own qualifications. And yes, the media has a lot to do with it, but hear me now politicians of the world, ladies and gentlemen, SERIOUSLY, have some class and stop bagging on your other candidates.

So if you have ever been to the South, you may find Southern hospitality quite charming. Most people in the South say please and thank you. They don't have harsh words and even if they are giving a "Y'ALL STINK", they say it with class. So here is my suggestion, SHIP all politicans to the South for some manners training with the Southern mothers! Teach these people some class! And maybe the next election won't be so nasty.

SIGH...well the Chicago election is next week so at least the utter rudeness should end for the time being. Until that time, ladies and gentlemen, seriously, keep it classy.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.