Saturday, December 27, 2014

Classy Ladies are also good to their girlfriends

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.  I trust that you are all enjoying your holiday.  Yes, I do love my job, this is a busy time for us in the world of travel, if you can imagine, lots of people want to travel during the holidays and there are lots of cancelled flights.  So while I do get lots of days off until January 5th, I have been on call.  Unfortunately, we have been busy!

Me?  I had a wonderful holiday.  Spent time with my family here in Chi, hosted some friends at my house, had a wonderful dinner with some friends on Christmas.  And was reunited with a friend I haven't seen in a long time...let's just say, I hope to see him again very soon.

Last night, I had a chance to go out with a friend for some cocktails.  We tried a different neighborhood...Logan Square....let's just say, it was a different scene.  We felt dressed up and cute....which is not necessarily the case when we go out in the LP.  And there were just a lot of beards..Gentlemen seriously, lumberjack chic is pretty hot, but not when every guy in the bar is like that.  And well, you know me, I like the bald guys.

But anyway....on to my subject for this post.  The gorge blonde that I was out with last night (and BTW, it has a little pink in it now) said something that rang true to me...You can tell a lot about a woman by the quality of her friends.  And if you think about it, it is so true.  How many classy ladies do you know who also have fantastic friends?  That usually means she is a pretty good friend.  And yes, we all know those ladies that don't have a lot of girlfriends, probably means that she doesn't treat her friends very well.

A long time ago, my mom told me that my uncle told her that if you can count 5 good friends in your lifetime, you should consider yourself lucky.  Well, I am happy to say that I consider myself very lucky.  For all you classy ladies out there, can you name 3-5 friends that would drop everything if you needed them?  Last night, I found out that my best friend (whom I love dearly) was emailing another friend of mine (unbeknownst to me) while I was dating the last douche bag boyfriend to make sure that I was OK as she was very worried about me.  WOW, thanks to that BF, it's really nice to learn how much she cares.

So here is my message ladies is classy to be a good girlfriend because at the end of the day, men come and go, but you always have your family and friends (and of course, there is also my favorite quote, boys come and go, diamonds are forever, that one works as well).  And you need to take care of those relationships.  Return phone calls, shoot a text, be mindful of your girlfriends.  Practice good girlfriend code, don't blow them off for a new boyfriend all of the time, don't hit on her ex or her potential new BF, be honest, be supportive and just be there when she needs you.

Well, here is cheers to all of you!  Happy New Year!  This classy lady is fabulously happy and ready for 2015!  I hope you all are as well.

......Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

Sunday, December 14, 2014

YOU...Just do you...

Happy holidays to one and all!  I trust that you are all keeping it classy this holiday season.  This girl is happy to report that all of the Christmas shopping is done, all cards are done and ready to be mailed, Christmas decor is done AND I did my annual trip to the Museum of Science and Industry to see the Christmas trees around the world last week.  It has been a pretty amazing year here....still love my job, got to take my parents to Australia for three weeks, am planning three more amazing trips for next year and after years of financial struggles (after owning and closing a business)....feels like things are back in the black as they say.  So what did I do to celebrate....well, today I got a pedicure and bought an amazing bottle of wine just for me.  :)

So one of my besties (a guy) has been doing tinder for the last couple of months and recently he has been to posting tinder fails on his FB page.   Lots of humor but in seriousness about the lead in pictures that women post on tinder.  Ladies and gentlemen seriously....this is an app where someone decides if they like you based on a picture and they decide within about 3 seconds. Ya might want to think about the pictures you are using.

So all of this online dating stuff, of course, had me thinking about our online persona and what we put out there for the world to see.  Not just on online dating, but also on facebook, twitter, instgram etc.  Why is it that we are SO afraid to be real on all of those sites?  Ladies and gentlemen, let's take the online dating thing first...why do we post pictures that don't actually show us?  Group pictures, really old picture, pictures with sunglasses, logos of your favorite sports teams?  HUH?  How are you going to make online dating work if you aren't being truthful about who you are and what you look like?  UM...newsflash, if he or she likes your profile, you are going to meet in person eventually and then what?  I know a lot of women that pretend they are something they are not to get a date, wow, that sounds miserable.

Ok, let's also talk about people that are constantly posting/tweeting about how super uber ungodly happy they are.  Really?  If you are that happy, why are you wasting time posting about it and not enjoying it?  I mean I get, if good things happen, post about it....but all of the time?  Makes me think that someone is trying to convince themselves how happy they are instead of everyone else.

And then of course, there are the ones that complain and moan about how unhappy/unlucky they are?  You know the ones that post crap like this:   So sad today, I want to cry....  And then what happens, everyone posts something like...what is wrong???  Seriously, ladies and gentlemen, if you are sad, call a friend or a family member, someone who can actually help you....not the random facebook friends out there.

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, my soapbox message about keeping it classy is this today:  social media and online dating is fun.  Take it for what it is....not real life.  BE YOU and your online date, your social media network will respect you a heck of a lot more than if you are someone else online and show in up person differently.  And think about it this way, if you aren't being true about who you are online, and someone likes your online persona, when they meet you in person, they will be disappointed, it will be one date and out...and then you will be back to square one.  SOUNDS exhausting, why not skip those steps?

At the end of it all....Everyone should be proud of who they are...OWN IT, WORK IT...don't apologize.  And to quote a song ..... every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top.  Thanks Meghan Trainor...All about the base.  :)

So that's all for me today.  Have a wonderful holiday season.  Be nice to your family, they are the only ones you have.  Eat, drink, be merry and keep it classy.

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high...

Sunday, November 16, 2014

You know I have to talk about it....

Good evening ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Happy Thanksgiving.  Time to spend time with family, overeat and hopefully be classy.

Well, you know I had to talk about it....Naked, Oiled Up, NOT CLASSY Kim Kardashian.  And as much as I hate to devote space on my blog about classy women to a lady that I don't find classy, I feel compelled to address the issue.

First of all, let me say, that I am happy to see that we are finding curvy women like Kim Kardashian, Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce beautiful and sexy.  All of them are very beautiful women.

Second of all, I am happy that Kim has enough body confidence to put it all out there in a magazine and on the internet.  BUT that is where my positive comments end.

LADIES!  We do not need to see her naked, really.  Kim, cover it up, you are just as sexy when you are wearing a nice jersey wrap dress.  And let me also say that the photo is photoshopped, her waist is not that small.  SO NOT classy!  You don't see Taylor Swift naked, do you?  Nope, she actually has class.

The crazy thing is on my facebook feed that same day there is an article that says, STARS REAL WEIGHTS.  And of course, Kim Kardashian is listed on there....saying....getting ready for this... she weighs like 125 pounds.  UMMM, can I call bull*&%$?  I mean, ladies seriously, if we are going to be real, BE REAL and say guess what Kim weighs like 150-160 pounds.  That's real.

And then there is the whole issue of PLUS SIZED models and the stuff that came out from the Calvin Klein model.  A size 10 is a plus sized model?  HUH?  Average size for a woman in the US today is 14.  So technically a plus size should be 18-24, right?  So I am 145 pounds, size 8...what does that make me?  A plus size, I am sure.

All of this media crap really makes this classy lady angry, NO WONDER, we have so many young ladies with eating disorders and negative body image.  They look at Kim Kardashian and say that is a 125 pounds, then they kill themselves getting their weight to that, when it is not realistic.  Our young women need positive body role models.

Ladies seriously?  Why can't we just be real and admit our weight.  Be healthy, eat healthy, exercise and wear clothes appropriate to your size.  Doesn't seem that difficult.  I guess the best way to get the media to stop sensationalizing women like Kim Kardashian is to stop looking at it and talking about it.  SO, ladies and gentlemen seriously, this is where my comments end.

Keep it real ladies!  Be true to you, be healthy and confident in who you are.  That is way more sexy that a naked, oiled up bootie on the internet.

Enjoy your holiday.  My Ruby Caroline gets to go to see her grandma and grandpa for a week.  So I am checking out until December.

....Keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Random Thoughts from a Classy American Traveler

G'day ladies and gentlemen seriously!  I have returned from my BIG 3 week trip Down Under.  I spent most of the month of October traveling with my parents.  It was an amazing trip and I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to travel like that.  Just another perk of my awesome job.

So I thought for this blog post, I would give my random thoughts about being a classy traveler.  Most of them will be directed at my fellow Americans who unfortunately have a tendency to be the worst travelers (besides our friends from Japan and China).

First of all, Sydney is an amazing city and if I win the lottery or marry a millionaire, I would tell you all to peace out and I would be gone, living in a fab condo looking at the harbour, with my sailboat parked out front.  Since that probably isn't going to happen any time soon (I don't play the lottery and I can't pick a decent man to save my life), I may have to stay in Chicago OR perhaps my awesome company will have a job opening for me in the future.

I did have the opportunity to do a lot of small group touring, which of course, gives you an opportunity to meet lots of people.  I met a lot of Australians, Kiwis and Europeans.  And yes, lots of Americans.  Japanese and Chinese tend to travel in large groups, so I didn't encounter them on my trip.  As Americans, we need to be thankful for what we have in this country.  And I find that most people are, but I also find that Americans think that all other countries should be like ours.  And honestly, that is disrespectful.  Part of the reason that you travel is to experience new cultures, new ideas but also to appreciate other nationalities and countries.  And to respect that, you need to try to do things the way that the locals do...I find that many Americans have trouble with that.

Additionally, many of the Americans I met were so busy telling me about how money they had and trying to make themselves seem important.  BLAH!  Who cares?  Honestly, I could tell in the first 5 minutes of speaking with these people, what they were about and I had to steer clear.  Now, of course, this isn't unique to travelers, this happens a lot.  But I found that only the Americans were the ones that were concerned about that.

Lastly, when on a small group tour, Americans, it shouldn't be your goal to drink every bit of wine/alcohol provided.  Seriously, I was on a boat cruise and the Americans were the ones that were booing the staff when they took their glasses away...REALLY?  Really gross and disgusting.

So American ladies and gentlemen seriously, have some class when you travel, don't expect all other nationalities to think that America is the best (it is great, but certainly not the best), please please be respectful and do as the locals do and generally be accepting of all experiences and cultures (otherwise, don't travel).  And don't get drunk and stupid.  And don't expect everyone to speak English (I had this lovely Italian couple at one of my dinners, their English wasn't great, but people were just talking louder to them...poor people.  They were from Milano...AHHH, I would love to go there).

I know I have done blog posts before on this, usually after every time I travel, but boy, does it upset me.  If you want to take a peek at my photos, they are posted on my FB page.  All 600 of them.

So we are now getting into the holidays, and it tends to make people crazy (families sometimes have that effect on people).  Ladies and gentlemen seriously, keep calm and remember they are family and you just need to go with the flow.  Be merry, spread positive cheer!  And keep it classy, no one likes big fights and icy silence on Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.

....keep your heels, chin and standards high...

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gentlemen Seriously! No material or pick up lines are better than the D+ material you are throwing out there...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  Happy fall.  I trust that you are all keeping it classy out there.  I am very excited to announce that I am heading to Australia VERY soon for a three week vacation.  I am taking my parents (it was their Christmas gift, hopefully that gets me a few classy points :)).  It will be an amazing trip.  Don't worry I have secured two hotel rooms or a two bedroom apartment everywhere we are staying.  I am not having a repeat of my childhood summer vacations where I had to sit in the bathroom at night reading because I couldn't sleep (I am a very light sleeper) due to my father's VERY loud snoring.

So this past Friday, a co-worker/friend of mine and I went to a new spot in Hyde Park.  The Promontory, BTW, super cool spot.  Check it out...great menu, cocktail list and live music!  Anyway, Laura and I were sitting in the bar upstairs listening to a great local jazz band and we happened to overhear a conversation with two gentlemen and a lady at the end of the bar.  Here's the scene, the lady is by herself and seems to want to just listen to some music.  Two men walk up to the end of the bar to buy Miller Lites (gross...not classy).  The woman clearly already has a drink and the one dude says he will pay for it...seriously dude?  She already had taken care of it.  And so the one very loud guy is spewing some stupid lines and stories that were making me roll my eyes.  He orders her a shot, she turns it down.  And to the lady's credit, she was being very classy, taking it all in stride and being very nice given the circumstance.  The very loud dude's friend was just quiet and standing next to her.  The funny thing is that the quiet friend got her phone number.  The loud jerky dude....shut down!

Another story....I was on tinder the other day (yes, I know...don't judge).  And I "liked" a guy and we had a match.  Seemed like a good looking guy.  He messages me this..."What's up, play girl?".  SERIOUSLY....that's your lead in line?  NOPE.  He got an eye roll and a delete.

And so it got me to thinking...gentlemen seriously!  It is time to retire the "pick up" line material.  That means all of it, your A, B, C, and D lines.  Ladies do not want to hear it.  The next time you are at the bar and see a pretty is a clue, walk up to her, introduce yourself, say hi and ask if you can buy her a drink.  BE YOURSELF, MAKE CONVERSATION!  You know what, it just might work.  And hey, if it doesn't, no harm, no foul...move on.  And yes, I know, gentlemen, we ladies can be VERY intimidating, but you never know until you try.  I mean it worked on Friday night for the quiet friend.

In this day and age of texting, facebook messaging, it seems that men and women have forgotten how to have a normal conversation and actually date.  Personally, I don't love online dating, too much posturing and desperation, I would prefer to meet someone in person at a bar, restaurant, event or through friends.  And I would love it if a guy would simply say hey, let's have dinner, I would like to talk to you more.  PERIOD.  Doesn't seem to be rocket science.

Guess, I must be an old school, nice girl from Nebraska but...hey gentlemen, drop the lines and the BS, be you.  And the lady doesn't like you for you...then she ain't worth it.  That's solid advice from JZZRGRL.

So I will be dark for a bit as I will literally be DOWN UNDER.  So cheers mate, keep it classy and I hope to have some wonderful stories about my trip.  Maybe I can write a blog about how koalas can be more classy.  :)

....Keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Why I love the city.... everyone could learn to live together better.

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  It's been a little while since my last post.  In July, I was a bit busy and had the pleasure of participating in the sorority international convention.  It is always inspiring to visit, meet and listen to strong, classy ladies.  And of course, catching up with several of my favorite sorority friends.  Check out this lady from the Dove Real Women Campaign.

Of course, we are on the back slide of the summer here.  Shorts are still too short and many of our ladies are still showing too much skin, know that is a soapbox subject that I written about many times.  SOOOO, on to something else....

So this past week, I had the opportunity to enjoy the fabulous city in which I live, Chicago.  Thursdays are my days off my FAB job, so I took some time to walk through Millennium Park and then go to the Art Institute for the Magritte exhibit (he was one weird dude).  I also read an article (probably on facebook, where I get most of my news...sadly) about how large populations of Democrats...aka liberals live in large urban areas.  For example, Illinois is considered to a blue state but that is only because the city of Chicago is liberal, the rest of the state is pretty decidedly conservative.  Now, you know this classy isn't going to make a statement on my opinion which political party is appropriate.  But as I enjoyed the city this week and thought about the article, it got me to think about why I love living in the city.

Is it because there is ALWAYS something to do?  Because there is constantly a new restaurant, concert, or event to attend?  Because I can shop at thrift stores and high end stores in the same day or because I can choose from the opera, symphony, musical theater or dance at any time?  Or is it really because I am constant exposed to new places, people and experiences?  I would say the biggest reason is the last one.

I am true believer in that your exposure to different people, places and experiences are those things that make you a well rounded awesome person.  In this country, we have so much hatred and intolerance and I believe that if we all opened our eyes and our hearts to different people, places and experiences, we would be a much a better country and society.  And in a city, you get an opportunity to do all of those things.  Plus you can get a cab to any one of those places, instead of having to drive.

NOW, I am not saying that everyone should move to the city...PLEASE don't, our traffic is bad enough.  But I think that no matter where you live, if you seek out new people, places and experiences, you will be a much more accepting individual.   And just because you are accepting person, doesn't mean you aren't entitled to your opinions, but as an accepting person, you can respect that everyone has a right to their own opinion and how they choose to live their life.

So for all of my people that live in the cities here are some suggestions to take advantage of the awesome place that you live:

  1. Take advantage of all that you can.  Don't poo-poo an event or restaurant just because it is new or different.
  2. Be open to meeting new people especially those outside of your own ethnicity, sexual orientation, religious beliefs.  You can learn from all of them.
  3. Smile, open doors for people, be helpful to those tourists (as much as they drive us insane), give up your seat on the train or bus when appropriate (THIS means YOU...gentlemen.  This past week I had a lovely gentleman give me his seat...THANK YOU sir).
  4. Just generally be courteous.
So there is ladies and gentlemen seriously, experiencing new things makes you a classier, more well rounded person.  And the travel agent in me HAS to say this, if you have the money and the time, traveling outside the US really does broaden your horizons.  The good ol' US of A is still a great place to live.

So one last bit of news, there is a new man in my life.  Really, really good guy!  We have been having a great time, he loves to travel just as much as I do.  More to come on this one.

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

Friday, June 27, 2014

Ladies and a little respect for your country!

Happy 4th of July ladies and gentlemen.  Yep, we are half way through the summer ALREADY.  And it is time again to celebrate our independence day.  You will be happy to know that I took a highly scientific facebook quiz today to test my knowledge of American history and they considered me a true patriot.  Apparently I paid attention during high school social studies class.....or maybe it is just because I watched the mini series on John Adams.

So recently I went to Blues Fest here in Chicago in Grant Park.  I had an opportunity to hear Aaron Neville, who was great by the way.  Before the show started, they had a woman sing the national anthem.  NOW, I know you all know that when someone sings the national anthem, you are supposed to stand up and take your hat off right?  Well let me tell you about the woman I observed during the national anthem.  First of all, she was a good 75-100 pounds overweight.  Her chair was struggling. She was by herself, and when they started to sing, she didn't even attempt to stand up and continued to EAT during the entire anthem.  HUH?  Ladies and gentlemen seriously, I don't care if you don't like our president, our government, our policies, etc.  Your utter disrespect for our national anthem is thumbing your nose at our founding fathers, our soldiers and all of the people that have died or are working tirelessly to give you the freedom to SIT and eat during the national anthem.  Get your LARGE bootie out of the chair and show some respect.

Additionally, the woman in front of me allowed her children to run in circles around her blanket during the national anthem.  Now, I understand they are kids, but lady, please....tell them to settle down and be quiet.  NEVER too early to teach proper respect.

OH and people of Chicago, when they sing the national anthem ANYWHERE outside the United Center and the Blackhawks are NOT playing, please put your hands down, don't scream while it is being sung.  For crying out loud, Blues Fest is not a sporting event, calm down.

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, our independence day is around the corner.  And in light of the holiday I thought this was an appropriate topic.  Show some respect for our country.  We may have our issues in this country, but it is still one of the greatest places in the world to live.  And by respecting our national anthem and our flag, you are at minimum respecting our armed forces, our founding fathers and the principles upon which our country was founded.

OH yeah, and gentlemen seriously (I know it is guys because women would never do this), stop lighting off those DAMN firecrackers.  They are stupid and loud.  And you might blow your finger off. My dog gets scared of them and I lay awake every 4th of July listening to those crazy things vibrate in the alleys in Chicago.  Grow up.  Firecrackers do not SAY hey Happy 4th of July America...they SAY, F off to everyone who lives in a 10 block radius.

ONE LAST thing....World Cup soccer is in full swing.  And the US team is doing well.  I am thoroughly impressed with the support our nation is giving to our team, especially since most people have never watched a soccer game in their life.  If you are not a soccer fan, that is fine, don't watch the games, watch the games, I don't really care.... BUT be respectful of the sport, the team and the fans, please.  The rest of the world has accepted soccer as a sport for A LOT longer than we have.  Be happy that our team USA is competing on a world level.

Ladies and gentlemen seriously, have a wonderful 4th of July holiday.  Eat, drink, be merry and stay classy!

....keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Conscientious Parents ....Don't fret, you aren't the ones being obnoxious!

Happy Saturday to all the classy ladies and gentlemen out there!  In Chi, it is a lovely day and my dog has had me up since 4:30 AM.  I don't know how she KNOWS when I don't have to teach or go to work early, but those are the days she wants to get up and play.  Good times, that furry alarm clock.  It is getting to FINALLY be festival season in Chicago, so I am convinced that bad fashion and bad behavior will once again be upon us.  So stay tuned and stay classy.

SO this week I had lunch with a friend.  You know my fab job lets me have one day off a week, and my friend is a stay at home mom, so we had a lovely lunch OUTSIDE of Lincoln Park Zoo (you know I don't want to go inside...animal lovers UNITE).  I have been friends with the lady since 1992...yes, that is right, back in college when I had BIG hair.  She recently had her first baby, cute little boy.  Now, for those of you who know me, I am not enamored with children.  I like them well enough, yes, I will hold your baby and talk to you about breast feeding.  My niece and nephew are awesome.  Cooper Brashaw...fantastic.  Noelle and Colin Wick...A-OK.  Erica and Ryan Epstein...YEP.  The Coughlin Clan...YEP.  So my message is not coming from a kid hater.

So while we were having lunch, my friend's baby started to get a little fussy.  You know, he is a baby and they do that sometimes.  He wasn't screaming, he was just fussing.  We were at an outside restaurant and no one could even really hear him.  But my friend was so stressed out and kept apologizing to me for it.  He was fine....I honestly felt so bad for her.

I have seen my sister and brother in law stress out because my niece or nephew are acting up in a restaurant or public place.  And every time it happens, one of them remove the child from the situation and it is fine.

So here is my classy message to all parents out there, coming from a classy single lady who will probably never be a mom to human children.  Kids cry....sometimes they scream....and sometimes they act badly in public.  I get it...that's what kids do (although I was such a perfect child, I am sure I NEVER did that!  Cue the sarcastic music)  And if I can honestly see that the parent is doing everything they can to get the kid to calm down or stop crying.  So be it, I understand.  DON'T STRESS!!  I have seen those poor parents on a plane whose child is SCREAMING because his ears hurt.  And the parents are almost as upset as the child.  Again, it stinks, but I get it.

HERE is where I have the problem....your kid is screaming, running around and being disruptive and you are on the phone, talking to someone else, ignoring your child or laughing at your child because it is funny.  That it not a classy way to be a parent.   Be aware of those around you.  Don't let your kid kick the back of my seat in an airplane and think it is just OK and not try to stop it.  Don't have your kid's DVD player playing with no headphones.

So parents, don't stress....I get it!  If your child is acting up, do what you can and move on...And how funny it is that while I was writing this post, a reminder popped up on my computer that tomorrow is Father's Day!  So this parenting message is coupled with a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to our dads out there.  And especially to mine, are the best.

Enjoy your weekend classy parents and single people everywhere!

....keep your chins, heels and standards high....

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Self reflection and minor adjustments might be the classy thing you need

Ok, ladies and gentlemen seriously, it has been WAA-AY too long with no posting from JZZRGRL.  My apologies, I have been traveling and have really needed some inspiration for some posting.  This is not to say that I haven't seen ladies AND gentlemen not presenting themselves inappropriately or not being classy.  But sometimes I am a broken record with my posts.

So I think it was time for me to do turn that mirror around on myself and make sure that I am living the classy life that I expect everyone else do live.  Checklist:

1.  Appropriate bra and panties - CHECK
2.  Girls, are they appropriately covered and up and out - CHECK
3.  Dressing appropriate for body type and age - CHECK
4.  Generally being pleasant and treating others with respect - CHECK
5.  Being a good pet parent - CHECK

Now, this classy lady is a self proclaimed conflict avoider.  I just like everyone to be happy and get along.  And in the past, I haven't stood up for myself or expressed my feelings when I probably should have.  Don't get me wrong, you have to pick your battles and some things are better left unsaid.  But I have been trying to be better about speaking about things that upset me.  BOY, it has been a struggle, especially when it means you have to have those conversations with your boss and/or your family.  And in some incidences, my thoughts were upsetting to the other people and their reaction was hurtful or difficult for me.  But I have to say that I am fairly proud of myself for actually saying something.  Even my mom noticed and said she was proud of me.   So I will continue the battle, as constantly improving is also a classy move.

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, keep yourself in check, self reflection is good.  What you are putting out to others could be hurting you or your other relationships.  Self awareness is a good thing and being classy means knowing what your actions and words mean to others.

So there is the deep philosophical post for the summer...feel free to discuss amongst yourselves.  ;) Keep it classy ladies and gentlemen.

....keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen are not entitled.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!  Happy spring and happy March Madness.  I hope that you are enjoying both.  I love this time of year...when you go to a bar and some random chick (who probably didn't even know her alma mater was in the tourney) is cheering VERY LOUDLY in your ear for her Dayton Flyers to beat the Cuse (at least she knew when her team was on defense).   Nice work Flyers...BUT EYE ROLL to the loud chick behind me.

So last weekend I had an experience that I thought I needed to share.  I was visiting the GORGE blonde (don't like to be home alone all the time...recently single chick that I am).  I got home about midnight.  I have lived in my condo for 11 years, I own it, which means I OWN the parking space behind my place.  I got home to find that someone who was a patron at the bar next door had parked in my spot.  This is about the 3rd time this has happened in the last year and I wasn't going to take it this time.  I went next door, told the bouncer that I was calling a towing company.  They announced it in the bar.  In the meantime, I bring my sweet Ruby Caroline down for her final walk.  The owner of the car comes around the corner and YELLS at me for having an attitude about parking in my spot and further threatens to slash my tires.  CHARMING.  Apparently she was entitled to park in my space...because she got there first...not sure.

This attitude leads to a bigger topic that many of my friends and I have discussed in the past few years.  There is an alarming attitude and trend that has emerged with mostly the younger generation out there today.  This entitlement attitude!  No longer do our recent college grads believe that they have to pay their dues and work their way up in an organization.  They are entitled to a $60K salary, three weeks vacation, two hour lunches and not to have to file and make coffee.  And if they don't get it, the parents will call work to ensure that their child gets what they deserve.  Apparently graduating from a 4 year college gets you that now...

And this is just one example.  Unfortunately, the parents are making the situation worse.  I have had to deal with parents in my sorority experience that expect special treatment for their child just because they yell at you and call you names.  They are calling them snow plow parents.

Ladies and gentlemen, being born doesn't entitle you to anything in this world.  Respect and trust are earned not given.  And yep, you have to earn your way in this world.  Last time I checked, people like fellow Nebraskan Warren Buffet, didn't become the richest man in the world because his mom called his first job to make sure he was being treated appropriately.  He worked his ASS off, took some very hard knocks and moved on from there.  My mom and dad never graduated from dad retired as the president of a bank and my mom is a well respected fundraising guru.  And you know what they taught me, work your ass off and you will get what you want.  And let me tell you when I graduated from college, they said, get your own place and pay your own car insurance.  And they did me a favor, taught me to depend on ME and no one else.  (Trust me, they have helped me out when I needed it, that is what it means to be great parents).

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, show some respect.  You have to work for what you want, you don't just get it because you want it.  Show some respect when you are clearly in the wrong, apologize and make it right.  Follow the rules, don't assume that they don't apply to you because you are "different" or "special".  And don't get me wrong, people need help and support from time to time and they should get it when needed.  I am simply tired of this entitlement attitude.

So there is my soap box for the week.  Have fun, be safe...especially those going on Spring Break.  Remember anything you post on the internet exists FOREVER.  :)

....keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen Seriously...I know how to pick them!

Happy Saturday to one and all.  I trust that you all are keeping it classy and looking forward to spring.  I recently had a chance to shop at a new outlet mall here in Chicago...AMAZING.  So I am looking forward to Spring so I can wear some of new hot clothes, but also since the weather in Chicago has been CRAP since December, we are ready for some warm weather here.

Well this past week I had an experience that NO ONE should ever have.  But before I tell you about it, I thought I would reflect on the hall of shame of ex-boyfriends and relationships.  BOY, I really know how to are some of the highlights....

  1. Getting broke up with on Valentine's Day.
  2. Getting my heart broken and being broke up with on EMAIL.
  3. Finding out that the guy that I thought I was dating was engaged to someone else at a party at his house.
  4. Getting an email from a guy's wife (YES...I didn't know he was married).
  5. Getting an email from a guy telling me he didn't want a relationship after we went out ONCE .... not sure I remember asking for one.
But the TROPHY winner of them all...Getting a phone call from a woman who has been sleeping with your boyfriend.  The boyfriend whom you were still dating after almost 2 years, the boyfriend that you let live with you for 16 months basically rent free (he had since moved out because I told him to).  And apparently she has been sleeping with him for 4 months.  So I did what I should, changes the locks, blocked his numbers, called him every name in the book and told him I never wanted to speak to him.  AND the crazy thing is that in every angry email and phone call he has placed to me since then, he never ONCE has apologized.  It is always been my fault for not speaking to him and her fault for being obsessed with him.  WOW!  So buh-bye to RCH Jr.

It did get me to thinking about the common denominator in all of this and that would be yours truly.  It sure makes me reflect on what this classy female is putting out there, do I just not know how to pick them?  Or am I not reading the signs from He's Just Not That Into You...I am not sure, but don't worry about me, I have my sweet little Ruby Caroline to keep me company.  Today I am getting my toes and eyelashes done...having lunch with friends, I will pick myself up and forge ahead as any classy, intelligent female would.

And so here is my message to the gentlemen out there, don't cheat on your girl, just break up with her.  Have some class in how you break with her as well.  Seriously...this email and text message crap is so childish, grow up and tell her you just don't want to see her anymore.

And here is my message to the ladies like me out there... Yep, those gentlemen can be JERKS, but best to be classy and move on.  Rest assured, some crazy, classy gentleman out there will want to put up with your crazy, classy...pain in the butt self eventually.

....keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Character is often illustrated by how one treats others

Happy Saturday ladies and gentlemen seriously!  It's the weekend in Chicago and we AGAIN are preparing for another 1-3 inches of snow.  I guess we are paying for the last two NICE winters that we have had.  So far we have gotten 28.1 inches of snow and we have not gotten above freezing in 9 days running.  Good thing Chicago is fun in the summer.

Ruby Caroline has been with me for about a month now.  And she is a very good girl.  Basically potty trained and learning that mom is in charge and when I say NO, I mean it.  :)  She is learning how to be a classy lady (well as classy as a dog who pees outside can be).

Being out and about in Chicago allows me to observe a lot of behavior.  And boy let me tell you, people suck, there are a lot of jerky people out there.  And it got me to thinking about being classy and having character.  And I have to say, observing how people treat others is a true show of character in my book.  The following behaviors I have observed in the last several years and I contend that these people don't have a lot of character:

  1. People that sit on the bus or train and purposely take up two seats or put their bag on the seat next to them and let other people stand.  OR let elderly people or pregnant women stand because they are too focused on Candy Crush.
  2. People who literally let the door slam in another person's face when entering a Starbucks.
  3. People who ignore a mother or father trying to get their stroller in and out of a door or up and down stairs.
  4. Those same mothers or fathers who ram their stroller into people's feet because they are too busy on the phone instead of paying attention to their kid.
  5. People who cut in line, cut people off and just generally act like their time is more important than others.
Ladies and gentlemen seriously, there are 313 million people living in the US.  We are all in this together, can we treat each other with respect?  Please?  Smile, hold open doors, allow people to sit on public transportation.  

So these are small things that we can do to show class and character.  But let me tell you, I have absolutely NO tolerance for people that are disrespectful to their parents or their animals.  I am a VERY lucky lady and have two of the greatest parents in the entire world.  They have never done anything but support me and love me.  I had a bit of a Beaver Cleaver family upbringing.  But even if you didn't have that type of family, you still need to respect the people that brought you up.  Period.

Animals.  OH BOY, I really get upset with those people that have dogs and crate them for up to 12+ hours because they are out at happy hour.  GO home, take care of your animal.  Don't have a 150 pound dog in an 400 square foot apartment, it's unfair.  I am not saying completely stay home, the dog is still the dog, but have some compassion.

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, karma is a BITCH and what you put out there is probably what you will get in return.  Respect your fellow man, your parents and your might just get the respect you want.

The 6th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day pub crawl is upon us once again.  It looks like we have might our largest crowd ever.  Sounds like a perfect V-DAY!  Enjoy everyone.

....Keep your heels, chin and standards high....

Monday, January 27, 2014

Up in the Air....George Clooney would approve ladies!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Greetings from beautiful San happy to be in a place with 60 degree weather instead of Chicago, which is -4 today.  I have been traveling the last two weekends in a row.  Last weekend, I had a great time with some travel agents friends in New Orleans.  Don't worry... we were fairly classy.  We did have a "classic" French Quarter evening on Friday night.  And this weekend I was traveling for the sorority.  Had a great meeting with my regional retreat.  What a great group of classy ladies!

So as I have been traveling, it got me to think about airport/airplane etiquette.  OH BOY...ladies and MOSTLY gentlemen, this is an area where we need some work.  Yesterday, I flew Alaska Airlines.  I was literally in line, with a guy behind me to check my bag (yes, I am a CHECKER....I can't be bothered with my liquids).  The agent was helping two ladies in front of me, they finished and stepped to the agent.  The guy behind me LITERALLY walked from behind me to the other side and handed the agent his ticket.  I looked at him and said SIR, I was here first.  He says to me....there are two lines here.  And the agent goes to take his ticket and I say...whatever, do what you need to do ?  And then the agent starts placating me!  Don't worry Ms Bradley, we will take care of you.  That's fine Ms. Bradley...HUH?  RUDE, RUDE, RUDE.

I have a sorority sister who travels just about 250+ days per year.  And she tells me stories about the treatment of single women travelers ALL the TIME.  How flight attendants, gate agents and MALE travelers treat her...certainly NOT with respect.  Announcement to airline personnel....NEWSFLASH, it is 2014, women travel for business just as much as men.  Have some respect.

So here are my rules for appropriate travel etiquette:

  1. If you are in group 5 for boarding on a plane, your roller bag will not have space in the overhead bin.  Don't whine and moan in the jetbridge about having to gate check your bag.  CHECK it and stupid.
  2. Have some common courtesy for those seated next to you, ONE bag under the seat, not TWO.  Do not assume that BOTH armrests are for you.
  3. When deplaning, the appropriate way is for each row to empty before the next one, DO NOT stand up and then cut in front of the rows in front of you.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen....your seat reclines approximately 3 inches...DO YOU really need it?  I am sure the person behind you would appreciate the space, don't recline.
  5. Don't have the volume on your music/movie SO loud that the person next to you can hear it.
  6. PLEASE PLEASE don't stand RIGHT in front of the luggage carousel.  I am pretty sure you can still see your bag if you take two steps back and then EVERYONE can see.
  7. When standing in the TSA line, can you please be prepared, take your off your shoes, take out your laptops, etc.  Guess WHAT?  the line would move quicker.
  8. If you have a big bag or backpack and walking down the aisle, be aware that you don't hit people in the head or face.
  9. Please be speedy when you find your seat, no reason to lallygag in the aisle.
  10. If you have a legitimate complaint, please make sure to tell someone.  But don't stand there and bitch and moan about shit that happened to you yesterday at the airport.  None of us care, really!
Again, I know I am a broken record, but ladies and gentlemen seriously, we are all in this together...not matter what your reason for traveling, let's treat everyone with respect.  Smile, it's not that bad. Remember the golden rule.

Ok, so it is almost SuperBowl time.  I hope we return some class to our commercials this year.  Bruno Mars is doing the halftime show...won't be 1/2 as good as my girl Beyonce.  So have a great time, be classy!

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ruby.... That's not very lady like!

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen!  I trust that you all had a classy, safe and fun holiday season. Mine was pretty Omalala for Christmas.  Gave my parents their surprise trip to Australia!  The three of us are going in September.  We are all very excited.  Stayed in for New Year's EVE as the weather in Chicago was been PRETTY miserable.  Snowed for 48 hours on New Years Eve into New Years Day.  RCH Jr and I stayed in, I made chili (YES, you read it right, I cooked), we had some Veuve and watched Dick Clark's party...very exciting.  New Year's Day, of course, my favorite day of the year, college football all day and my Huskers finally won a bowl game.  WOW.

My biggest news is about the newest addition to my family....NO, I didn't have a baby...thank goodness.  But I did get a puppy!  Miss Ruby Caroline, she is a Corgi and probably the cutest puppy you have ever seen...Yes I am biased.  It has been quite a journey the past week.  I drove to Catawissa, Pennsylvania to pick her up and drove through the snow storm in Indiana to bring her back.  I didn't see pavement for 200 miles....the roads were really, really bad.  But look at her, pretty worth it.

So I am very lucky and can bring her to work.  Well, we are working on the whole potty training thing...FUN.  And it just so happens, I have a dog that....well, likes to eat her poop.  I know, classy, right?  Well last week, when she was doing that at the office, I yelled at her and said Ruby, that isn't very LADY LIKE!  Well we laughed about it and it really got me to thinking about how to be a classy pet owner.  So here it goes ...ladies and gentlemen seriously....

  1. NUMBER ONE...first and foremost.  I know she is my furry kid and I love her.  But she is still a dog.  Always remember that.
  2. Not everyone will LOVE your dog, so don't expect them to.
  3. Clean up after her...yep that means, poop, puke, whatever.
  4. Make sure they behave, don't let your pooch chew on someone else's shoes, pants, etc.
  5. Don't obsess over your dog.  Post pics, have fun, but go easy.  See rule number one.
  6. BE a PARENT.  Discipline your animal.   Come home and let her out.  Be committed.  Don't let her overeat.  Take her to the vet regularly.
Well, that's all from SMB here in Chicago.  It has finally warmed up.  And I have to say, it has been a LONG road in the past two years and at this point, I am pretty happy with all parts of my life.  Things are very good.  I truly believe that happiness is what you create and I can thank ME for making that happen.  And that ladies and gentlemen seriously is the classiest move of all.  :)  I am very much looking forward to a 2014.

....Keep your chin, standards and heels HIGH....