Sunday, April 19, 2015

Madam President...It's Time!

Greetings from sunny Scottsdale, AZ.  Yes, I am on vacation's a tough life.  I am visiting my parents.  And my sweet Ruby Caroline got to make the trip with me, she is currently asleep next to me on the couch.  It has been quite some time since I last wrote.  Since we last chatted, I have been in Dubai and the Maldives.  Let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, the Maldives are as close to paradise as I think I will ever see.  White sand beaches, gorgeous sunsets, the bluest water, amazing food and fabulous service.  It was pretty incredible.  I got to do three of my four required open water dives, so I am almost certified to dive.  And I have been busy planning my next trip to Australia, another three week vacation with some pretty incredible experiences planned.  And I am hoping to finish up my certification for diving when I am in Australia.

So most of my followers know that this blog is about being classy and fabulous.  And very rarely do I make political or social statements, BUT I need to talk about Hillary Clinton's run for the Presidency.  I happen to agree with most of her politics and whether you do or don't, that is OK.  However, ladies and gentlemen seriously, it is time for the most powerful country in the world to have a female leader.  If we are serious about committing to women being equals to men in this country, that means we are accepting of a female leader.  Now I am not asking you to support Hillary simply because she is a woman, vote based on who you think will do the best job.  But, especially to the classy gentlemen out there, don't NOT vote for her simply because she is a female.

And for those of you have doubts about the abilities of a female.  I found this article interesting and a good way to debunk some of those arguments.

I have already started to prepare myself for being upset about things that are said about female leaders, we are too emotional, we are not tough enough to run this country.  It is such a double edged sword for a female.  As a strong female leader, you are required have the right combination of femininity, quick decision making, the courage to stand up for what is right, emotion and intelligence.  If you are too strong, you are a bitch.  If you are too kind, you are a push over.  Trust me, I have dealt with it most of my life.  And Hillary certainly is the warm, fuzzy type, but she certainly knows how to make a good decision, be strong and god knows she is a smart cookie.  Girlfriend even got herself a order to be a good leader, you do need to be be well put together, it is the classy way.  :)

So we are heading into a historical time in the US, as I believe Hillary Clinton has a real shot at being our next president.  So as classy people, ladies and gentlemen seriously, let's keep an open mind about our next possible president, because in this classy lady's opinion, it is TIME for us to have a female leader in the US.  Go Hillary.

....keep your chin, heels and standards high....