Saturday, January 22, 2011

Respect your elders...but being elderly does not give you a pass to not be classy!

Hello ladies and gentlemen. I hope that you have been being good boys and girls and being classy in 2011 so far. Did you write (yes, I said WRITE) thank you cards for your Christmas gifts? I hope so, my mamala would be VERY disappointed if you didn't. So I went to see The Kings Speech today at the Century Cinema in Chicago. First of all, GREAT, GREAT movie! Second of all, I wish I could live at that theater they only show foreign and independent films (MY FAVORITE).

So I sat down in a fairly empty theater with my popcorn (small, no butter) and diet Coke (small)...yes, still trying to maintain and lose a bit more weight (down 29 pounds and almost 50 inches, so frightening that I had that much weight to lose..but that is a whole other blog post). And in the last 15 minutes before the movie started, the theater filled up FAST. So these two older women (think 75+) sat at the end of my row. These women were so incredibly RUDE...they argued out loud for at least 5 minutes, talked through a lot of the movie and then were giving their reviews of it at the end of the movie. SIGH...I hate that. Anyway, it got me to thinking about older individuals.

Do you ever notice that old people (and no I don't mean ALL old people) seem to think that since they have lived a long time it is OK to be rude, make people wait for them and generally have no regard for those around them. And you know I am the first to stand up, respect my elders, and give them a break as they can't move as quickly or can't see as well, but none of those reasons make it OK to be rude to those around them. I am not asking them not demand respect as they are elderly and may need help getting the door, but they should also be gracious and classy and those adjectives are not just restricted to the younger set.

So older ladies and gentlemen seriously, please take heed, it is always OK to be classy and if you need help ask for it, there are always classy ladies and gentlemen to help you with groceries or the door. Be sure to thank everyone for the assistance and don't be rude because you feel you are entitled because you have lived longer.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Crass is not classy!

Happy New Year ladies and gentlemen. I hope you kept it classy on NYE. I have to give a shout out to one of my sorority sisters who kept it classy and eloped on New Year's Eve. Congratulations...ladies, you should have seen her wedding dress, we are talking Jackie O here.

So on NYE, I stayed in with friends and we were surfing the NYE shows on TV. And we landed on MTV, have you all watched this channel recently? A, The Jersey Shore is just sick and wrong. B, Apparently it is now acceptable to be completely disgiusting and crass on national television. On their NYE show, there was this woman host who thought it was her job to be as classless as possible. She and the cast of the Jersey Shore were hosting the show. And my question is when did it become sexy and cool to be completely crass? Here is a quote from the show, "We are going to go to commercial and when we come back, I may show you my Va-Jay-Jay." And I believe she also joked that she was disappointed that had not been roofied yet. What? I was so appalled, we had to turn it to Carson Daly.

So, I felt compelled to tell the youth of today that is completely unacceptable to make jokes about these type of things. Yes, guys might think it is funny for a while for a female to cuss like a truck driver, guzzle beer and generally act like a neanderthal man. But generally those type of jokes aren't funny and they are just truly classless. And at the end of the day, being a classy lady lands you more respect the the truck driver babe. Maybe I have missed it, but when did we make this shift?

Ladies and gentlemen, let's not fuel this fire. Woman acting disguisting and making jokes about their va-jay-jays is just completely horrible. Gentlemen, don't act like you like it and ladies, have some respect for yourselves and the rest of femalekind. Now, I am not suggesting that we go back to the hey dey of the 50s and be prudish, where we couldn't show married couples sleeping in the same bed on TV, but a little decorum would be nice.

Short and sweet message this time around. Let's everyone make it our New Year's Resolution to keep it classy all year long in 2011.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.