Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ladies! When you try to be girls gone are just embarrassing yourself.

G'day ladies and gentlemen (or Fijians say BULA)! Yes, the Aussie in my office is wearing off on me in a good way. Well I have been in my luxury travel agency job for a little over two months now and I am still having a blast. I mean who wouldn't love having an office that 10 minutes from your condo and a place where we do wine on Friday afternoons? I just booked my first clients for a two week trip to Australia. So nice to love your job again. And let me tell you, it is a classy way to live your life!

 And well, there is an actual boyfriend, YEP, you read it right, JZZRGRL has a boyfriend. RCH JR, this one might actually stick around for a while. Can't believe I could meet someone who meets all of my ridiculous requirements PLUS never married, no kids. You know I love certain little people but am not planning on being responsible for little people in my life (besides the 18 year old geriatric, diabetic, arthritic cat). He is also very classy, knows how to dress, loves shoes as much as I do and most importantly is good to me. Opens doors, takes care of me...good guy. Too bad his girl doesn't cook, clean or grocery shop. Oh well, take the good with the bad (I am quite a catch, huh :) Well, on to the subject of my blog post today. You know the ongoing trend for high school, college and even young adult women over the past 7+ years is this whole "girls gone wild" theme. Binge drinking, skimpy dressing, kissing on other girls, sleeping with men whom they just met 5 minutes ago, grinding and stripping on the dance floor, or EVEN worse, combining the last two in the list. Girls beating each other up, using a multitude of cuss words, posting nasty get the drift. Given my position with my sorority, unfortunately, I have seen this continue on our college campuses across the nation.

 And I guess I must be old fashioned...BUT SERIOUSLY? When did this shift happen? When did our young women decide that this was hot? When the young men started telling them that? Ladies seriously, can we have a little more class than that? When did your behavior start to be dictated by what silly boys think? It is simply disgusting to have sex on the dance floor or in a bar bathroom with some guy you just met. Binge drinking does nothing but make you forget everything for a night, act like an idiot and then feel like crap the next day. Seriously, that is the course of action if you think about it.

 And let's not even start on the pictures that you take and post on Flickr, Facebook, etc. Guess what? those are going to turn up later in life and it won't be pretty.

 So here is my Ladies Seriously soapbox message, Ladies (and gentlemen) Seriously, you can still have a great time without doing the girls gone wild thing (plus it is SOOOOO late 90s, passe, it's over). Stop embarrassing yourselves, dress appropriately (see COUNTLESS Ladies Seriously posts from the past), don't drink until you pass out and don't just have sex with any guy (it's dangerous and gross). Have some respect for yourselves, and your friends. And GENTLEMEN, stop encouraging the behavior, seriously, you want to take one of these wild girls home to your mother (or grandmother).

Well I am off to market luxury travel.  Eat, drink, be merry and keep it classy this upcoming weekend.  NO girls gone wild!

....Keep your heels, chin and standards high!