Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Fashion fades only style remains.

OH, COCO Chanel, you always had it right my dear. Ok ladies, I have been out on the town recently and have found MANY, MANY fashion offenders and so it is time once again for JZZRGRL to send you lovely ladies some fashion reminders and some fashion updates!

1. Just because the Kardashians wear it, doesn't mean it is IN fashion or that you look good in it. Case in point, what is up with these shorts romper things that I have seen out there? Really ladies? I wore those when I was 5. This is NOT good fashion and especially not appropriate to wear out to a bar. Oh yeah and one of them had boots on with it...YUCK.

2. Ladies...if you are short, PLEASE do not wear those boots that only come up to your mid calves. A. they make you look shorter, B. it is spring, boots are passe. And they just makes you look frumpy. Especially those ones in that weird brown color.

3. Accessories are JUST as important as the outfit. FIRST and foremost, SHOES. I saw a marginally cute girl wearing a very cute champagne colored dress with sequins. She had on BLACK, FLAT, WOODEN BEADED sandals with it. Really, why would you ruin your outfit? I personally would have worn champagne or silver strappy heels with it, BUT if she prefers to wear low shoes, wear some satin mules or beaded kitten heels. SAVE the flat sandals for your shorts or capris.

4. Handbags DO count. If you are out at a club, don't bring your everyday hangbag. Why would you want to carry that big thing around? AND it usually doesn't look good with your going out outfit. When you go out, think MILK, Money, ID, Lipstick and Keys, that is all you need. You might want to add phone and credit card into that mix. You can pick up some SUPER cute small bags at Target or Kohls for this purpose, you only use the handbag for a few hours a weekend so WHO CARES if it is cheap!

5. ONCE again, I cannot say it enough times, wear the appropriate undergarments ladies. It is NOT OKAY to wear a thong with every single thing you own, sometimes, you need panties or boy shorts. AND, back fat hanging over your bra is NOT cute. Make sure to invest in a few different styles and colors of bras so that they go with all of your outfits. Ladies, REALLY, wear a bra (the girls should be up and out) and wear the appropriate underwear.

6. It is NEVER OK to wear skin tight shiny leggings. These went out with the leg warmers and thong leotards in the 80s. Yes, I SAW IT. She had on a short sweater and white sneakers. I am guessing she was not right in the head.

7. Outerwear. OK, it is spring, ladies, really, put the North Face coat and Uggs away. They can hibernate for the summer (well, you know my opinion on the Uggs, they should hibernate FOREVER, but...) You should owe at least one trench coat for cooler spring evenings or rain. And personally, on cooler spring or summer evenings, I make sure to take a cute sweater or wrap with me.

8. Rain boots...OK, ladies, I know that there are some SUPER CUTE wellies out there. Heck, I have two pairs in my hallway, one pair is a VERY cute pink Burberry. These boots don't look good with everything and I see people wearing them with EVERYTHING, they espeically don't look good with capris. If you have jeans or pants that look OK tucked into the wellies, that is fine, but be careful that the jeans don't bag at the knees. Hey, they might look cute with a casual skirt or dress, think Anthropologie or J. Crew.

So there you have it, my observations in the past two weeks...YIKES, that is a lot. The rules are basic...simply look in the mirror before you leave the house. GEEZ, I am so meticulous, I check like 4-5 times..I know OCD.

BTW, we are up to date number 4 with Mr. Harvard so stay tuned for more updates there. OH yeah, and several of the dead to me men have been popping back up, man, I have those boomerangers!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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