Monday, November 22, 2010

It's the most frustrating time of the year...

I know, I know, it's supposed to be the most wonderful time of the year. But, you know and I know, it also means spending extended time with your extended family. SIGH! For many of you, this is the time of year that your dread the most as it means putting up with Aunt Phyllis asking you again when you are going to get married, dealing with your mom telling you that you need to lose weight or dealing with your older brother who can never seem to do anything wrong...OR insert your family drama here! So since all of you can't have a family as fabulous as mine (don't get me wrong, we still have drama). Thanksgiving is my favorite annual holiday, I mean who doesn't love a day dedicated ONLY to food, alcohol and football. Leave it to us Americans to create a holiday like that!

Here are JZZRGRL's advice for remaining sane and classy during the holidays (ALCOHOL and your IPAD...just kidding).

1. They are your family. Take it or leave it, when you are down and out they will still be there. So if your dad or your sister makes a snipey comment, just roll with it, have another glass of wine.
2. Choose your battles. If something gets said or done, and you feel compelled to retaliate or make a comment back. Take 5 seconds and think about this, if you do something, will it change the situation or just make it worse. Sometimes, we need to take the higher road and keep our mouths shut. 75 year Uncle Jerry isn't going to automatically change because you make a comment.
3. Enjoy the fact that you have a family (or friends or whomever you spend the holiday with)! Some of the less fortunate than you, don't have a home or a family to go to, so count your blessings, it is Thanksgiving anyway!
4. It is only a few days out of your what you have to go home for one day, two days? Your mom is happy that you are there, so you can manage it for a few days.
5. Really just need a break from it all? get your favorite nephew, find a TV and play a video game or watch a marathon of Star Wars, take a break, take a nap, run to the store, and by the time you get back, it will be better.

Ladies seriously, don't work yourself up, roll with the punches, be gracious and polite, say thank you, help with the dishes, ignore the snipey comments and oh yeah, tip back the wine. And your Thanksgiving will be just fine this year!

Ok, just a reminder from your friendly Jazzercise instructor, a typical Thanksgiving meal is 5500 calories, so enjoy yourself, but watch your intake and please work out over the holiday ;)

I am headed back to Nebraska tomorrow to hang with my family and enjoy the food and alcohol, (family tradition on Thanksgiving around 10:30 AM, my dad lines up the glasses and makes bloody marys from scratch...that is how we roll). And then I will be Lincoln cheering for my Huskers to beat Colorado for our last official conference game in the Big 12. Go Big Red!

Happy Thanksgiving! Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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