Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Zip it up and cover it up ladies!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, we are in the dog days of summer and boy oh boy, it is hot, right? I know that we are all finding ways to keep cool this month, and perhaps, you might think it is time to wear less clothing...HMM, less, NO, lighter weight YES! I have been making various observations in the past few weeks and thought it was time to remind all of our ladies out there the ladies seriously rules for keeping it covered up!

1. It's summer time and that means hot and sweaty, right? Well, the best rule of thumb is wear lighter weight clothing...not skimpier clothing. Perhaps a nice sundress with the appropriate undergarments (no BLACK THONG underwear underneath a white dress). I find summer dresses to be cute and much cooler than shorts (plus I don't like my legs in shorts). And again, ladies, wear a bra, once without the straps showing and that is appropriate for the dress. Your chest looks bigger in a bra, TRUST ME.

2. OK, midriffs went out in the 80s. And even if you have the rockin abs, a cute belly button ring and tattoo...to pull it off, just don't do it. Stars don't even look good in that outfit. I have encountered many women recently that could use plenty of Jazzercise who find that that the mid-riff is an acceptable fashion statement. In the words of Karen Walker, oh HONEY...NO!

3. I have also encountered many women that could use some substantial Jazzercise and they have parts of their body exposed, which should just be covered up. Hey ladies, more power to you for being proud of your body, exposing with, shortie shorts, hot pants, bra tops, mid-riffs, or low rise jeans or shorts, just is yucky. Be proud all you want, just cover up.

4. Unless you are a star like Rihanna or Pink, don't color your hair an odd color like purple...I saw a woman in her 50s, who could use Jazzercise, in a pair of faded capri mom jeans with PURPLE hair...ladies seriously??

So once again, keep it classy with your fashion and your behavior this summer ladies. It has been an interesting summer for me, not as fun as some of the previous ones (this whole J-O-B thing stinks). As for my dating life, well, you may have guessed that HT and I are on a break, not sure if it is a Ross and Rachel break or a Brad and Jennifer break, but nonetheless, I am limping around with a broken heart. The guy that I met while in Paris (who is from Wisconsin, but lives in New Zealand, but is working in Germany) came to visit last weekend, which was "nice". Cute guy, just not HT...

Here's hoping your 2nd half of the summer is great, sure hope mine gets better! Keep it classy, stay cool and keep it covered! CHEERS, BONSOIR and CIAO BELLAS!

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