Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How classy are you at the office?

So as I sit here in my office and listen to the huffing, puffing, sighing and yelling from the other offices, I am starting to think about behavior and actions at the office. Ask yourself this question...does my personality at my job reflect who I am really am? Do I act and dress appropriately at the office?

Ladies and gentlemen seriously, how you dress at your job is JUST as important as how you act. You want people to WANT to work with you, right. And yes sometimes, our jobs require us to be the "bad guy" or do things we don't really want to do, but there are ways to do those things with classy and integrity.

CASE IN POINT...last week I had to call the IRS, yes, JZZRGRL owes some taxes and needed work out a payment plan. NOW, I was calling the I-R-S...I already had an attitude about it, assuming I would get some really mean, uninterested, jerk on the phone. MUCH TO MY SURPRISE!! (after waiting on hold for 40 minutes), the woman I got on the phone was SOO NICE. She was helpful and kind and I gotta say completely changed my attitude about the IRS. She was handling her job with class and integrity. I LOVED IT.

And I have to be honest, even the customer service people at AT&T handle their job with class. SO ladies and gentlemen, I am guessing your job is better than having to deal with rude customers at either AT&T or the IRS...if they can be fabulous, so can you.

One of the best studies in sociology is to work at a job with a group of people. EVERYONE works differently, is motivated differently, has a different background, set of standards and morales. And it is your job to figure out how to work with these people. You notice, ladies and gentlemen, I SAID it is your job. You need to adjust your approach to best work with the people that you need crap from... And as much as we want the other person to change to our way of working, it works better for you to figure it out.

Another JZZRGRL example, I worked with this gentlemen many years ago, whom was gruff and angry and most people in the office didn't like him and didn't want to work with him. Well guess what, he was the procurement person for my I had to figure it out. I killed it with kindness and figured out how he wanted things sent to him...and he loved me for me. We worked well together for many years and in fact, he would reference me and ask others why I couldn't just do it that way.

So here's the point to the story, don't yell and huff and puff...act with class and professionalism. Understand your work environment, the people you work with, their personalities and work with them. Everyone will be happier in the end. You will make mistakes, you will get angry and that's OK, just learn from it and move on. OH BOY, did I make some mistakes at my jobs!! And while some of you are saying DUH...I already do this, many of us do not. Work is work and you should be working to live. So smile, be merry and at the end of the day, you get to go home and not look at those people anymore.

As for me, things are statu quo, nothing new to report, having tons of fun with my friends and the fabulous city where I live. But no dates, not really interested honestly. Thought I had that whole dating thing figured out...HA, guess I was wrong. :( Very excited to do my first pop-up dinner this weekend.

Keep it classy and professional at the office (or WHEREVER your job is). BONSOIR, CHEERS AND CIAO BELLAS.

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