Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Being classy also means taking a loss gracefully...

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. As you may know (or not), college football is in full swing. And wow, there have already been some great games. AKA, Notre Dame-Michigan last Saturday. And I was watching my BF Kirk Herbstreit last weekend on GameDay, I got to thinking about head college football coaches and how they handle themselves. These men are in the spotlight regularly and have to have press conferences on the backside of a big loss or big win. And if you are lucky enough to be a coach at a traditional powerhouse football school, like my beloved Huskers, you have even more pressure on you. And so it says a lot about how you handle yourself in light of that pressure.

The newish head coach, Brian Kelly of Notre Dame, was being berated for losing his temper on the field in the game against USF. My dear, Bo Pellini, had the same thing happen last year when he lost his cool with his players and the officials during the Texas A&M game. I mean seriously, and don't even get me started on Bobby Knight. Is it right or is it wrong? I am not sure, I understand the incredible pressure that these people are under, from the fans to the players to the university to the boosters, but I think it is how one handles the aftermath is the true test of character. Look everyone makes mistakes and bad decisions (hence the frosted hair look I sported in college), we are human. So rather than skewering these guys for their performance on the field, perhaps we should look at their reaction after the fact. Well, Bobby Knight never apologized... But in reading the aftermath of Coach Pelini outburst, it seems that he quietly apologized and moved on and since then it has not had a problem. I would have to say, that has some merit and class.

So it got me thinking about the bigger picture and my personal issues. Ladies seriously, how you handle yourself in serious pressure and stress says just as much about you as how you handle yourself in a good situation. My company basically closed down yesterday and I am not sure that I am ever getting another paycheck from them, my business is not growing and I am at the end of my rope. I have to make some very hard, serious decisions (ladies seriously) and I believe that my reaction to this particular situation will not only help me grow but will say a lot about my character. Failure (in my eyes) is not something I do very well, I have always been number one and this is not an easy pill to swallow. Man, it's been tough year, having my heart broken by being broken up with on email (at least it wasn't a sticky note) and then this.

I am a big believer that life doesn't throw you any more than you can handle, so I guess there is a reason that this is happening at this point. But ladies seriously, when you are faced with a situation that seems impossible, be a lady, be classy and handle yourself with grace. If that means admitting something is over, it is, move on. MANY MANY successful people have failed...heck, Donald Trump and Walt Disney filed bankruptcy, Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard, Einstein was expelled from school, Thomas Edison made 1000 unsuccesful attempts at inventing the light bulb and Oprah Winfrey was fired from her TV job. And I think you would count each of them successful. So this classy lady is going to follow their lead.

Here we go...


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