Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Facebook as your relationship advertiser?

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I trust that the new year is going well and that you are continuing to keep it classy. How are those New Year's goals coming? Still working on mine, but I have been GOOD...I swear! SO in the last couple of weeks, this subject has come up and I felt VERY compelled to address the issue after seeing some recent facebook posts that were very upsetting to me.

So yes, we all use facebook, some of us more than others. And of course, there is a whole section where you can publish your relationship status to everyone...single, in a relationship, married, it's complicated (HUH??), in an open relationship (yeah, right, does she know that?), widowed, separated, divorced, in a civil union, OR in a domestic partnership. Well, being PC, facebook seems to have covered everything. And then if you are in a relationship or civil union, married, etc, you can TAG your partner.

SIGH!!!! If you are compelled to profess your relationship to others on facebook that is your prerogative.

In this classy girl's opinion, unless you are married, engaged or in a civil union (I get it, you have made a commitment in front of god and all of your friends and family), are you REALLY sure you want to announce that relationship to everyone? Not this girl...I will always be single on facebook (doesn't mean I can't have a BF) until Jason Statham marries me....When I was dating HT, I never once tagged him in a photo or attached my facebook page to his, because well, would I have really wanted to go through my heart breaking breakup on facebook? Not this girl, I can't imagine it. But hey if you want to pronounce your love in a public way, just be prepared if it goes south...what you are going to do and say....do you want to explain what happened, because REST ASSURED people will ask when you change your status.

And let me just say this...if you are going through a divorce, probably not a great idea to announce it all over facebook. I have been through a divorce and even though it was amicable, it was still HORRIBLE and why would you want to go through that on facebook? And further, ladies and gentlemen, if you are not YET divorced, please, please don't announce your NEW relationship on facebook, sorry, it's just tacky! What about your kids and your relatives? You want them seeing that?

There is a time and a place for everything and social networking, while fun and a great way to keep in touch with friends and family, should not be the place to announce personal details...PLEASE, your friends don't want to see it. THANK YOU, SIGNED JZZRGRL.


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