Sunday, June 17, 2012

Ladies seriously! They will measure you for FREE!

Well hello ladies and gentlemen!  It has been too long again since I have had a chance (or a good topic) for my blog. I trust that you are keeping it classy now that the summer fashions have come out.  Things in this girl's life have been quite busy as I reported previously, I do have a new FABULOUS job.  Which I love!  I mean who wouldn't love planning amazing vacations to Australia, New Zealand, Tahiti and Fiji.  I did just get back from a "work trip" to Antigua.  Yes, that's right, I said work trip.  As a travel consultant, we get to stay at wonderful resorts so that we can familiarize ourselves with them and then recommend the places to clients.  Currently, we don't do much in the Caribbean but watch for my new itinerary on our website.  The only unfortunate part was some of the people that I traveled with...let's just say this, I never heard so much complaining, bitching and moaning in my life.  Man, it must be horrible to be that unhappy!  ANYWAY, great trip, lots of fun, great properties, great food!

So one my wonderful sorority sisters gave me the topic for the blog post this week.  Thanks dear!  I have spoken about this in the past, about the importance of wearing the proper know, ladies, the girls should be covered, up and out.  Well, how about this?  Ladies seriously, make sure you are wearing the properly sized bra.  I mean, really, they will measure you for free in ANY bra store (doesn't have to be Victoria's Secret or La Perla...Macy's or Kohls will do it).  Your girls should not be spilling out of the side or top of the bra.  Please see the attached picture.  Now I have hidden her face, she is a CUTE girl, but you are totally distracted by her boobs being pushed out of that bra.  Ladies, don't let a bad bra make your cute outfit look bad.  As my favorite gay guy on Fashion Police says....everything is better with a good tailor, this includes your bra.

Well, as for the rest of my life, things are very good all the way around for JZZRGRL, job is awesome, still teaching, working on perhaps selling my business and RCH is still awesome.  We are having a great time, he makes me laugh, he opens doors, brings me dinner, and all around just takes care of me.  And amazingly he still wants to hang out with me.  So life is good.

So ladies, drop by the local store, get measured, and make sure you are wearing the right size bra.  And ladies and gentlemen, keep in classy this summer.  I was just at the Cubs game, and other than some bad fashion, everyone kept it pretty classy.  So eat, drink, be merry and keep it classy ladies and gentlemen.

...Keep your heels, chin and standards high!

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