Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Another Halloween....more hoochies on parade!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen.  Well, yes, I know Halloween is actually tomorrow, however, the unofficial Halloween night out in Chicago was last Saturday.  And of course, my girl, the redhead...now the blonde and I did go out, it was a bit tamer than most years, but all in all, still an excellent night out.  And as you know from previous posts, my girl and I are ANTI-slutty costumes for Halloween....well we are ANTI-slutty anything honestly.

Me, well, I had my cute Dorothy costume on, with my red shoes with the bows.  And no, it wasn't a slutty Dorothy, the skirt came to my knees.  My girl, the blonde, should have won a costume contest with her "pop art", Lichtenstein costume.

So I know I say this every year, but WHY ladies WHY do we use Halloween to dress like HOs?  The blonde and I watched woman after woman walk into the fine drinking establishment dressing like they were working for the evening if you get my drift.

So I have decided that these are the rules of thumb for dressing for Halloween, MAYBE just MAYBE if we all follow these rules, we can cut down the slutty Halloween costumes....

  1. If you can see the SPANX, tummy control lines from your tights, your costume is to short.  PERIOD
  2. If more than 25% of your boobs are showing, OR if you have to use fashion tape so that people can't see your nipples, your costume is too low cut.
  3. If you are so cold in the bar you have to wear your coat, your costume is too skimpy...it's October ladies and for most of us, that means it is 40 degrees outside.
  4. If you couldn't walk into a family party in your costume, DON'T WEAR IT.

And BTW, can we stop making out at the bar?  I can't tell you how many times I saw that happen. Ladies and gentlemen seriously, clean up your act!  You can be classy and still have fun on Halloween....SIGH.

So short but sweet post this time, I have said the same thing a thousand times.  Perhaps if we stop dressing and acting slutty, gentlemen (some of them) might start treating all women with respect.  Of course, there are those that are a lost cause...but hey if we can help one or two....

That's all for now.
....Keep your chin, your heels and your standards high!

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