Thursday, May 23, 2013

Update from JZZRGRL! - Kia Ora from New Zealand, Notes on how to impress Kiwis.

Kia Ora, ladies and gentlemen seriously.  I know I have been a VERY VERY bad blogger of recent.  You see I have this VERY tough life where I have to travel a lot and just seems to get in the way.  I know you all are getting out your violins for me.  I realize it has been over three months since my last blog post.  Just so you know, I had a few New Year's Resolutions:  1.  Take the bus to work (still doing well on this one)  2.  Make my coffee at home (still doing well on this one)  3.  Start saving some money (and make more of it) (yep, savings account is open and my 401K is started again).  So I will add to those resolutions and try to write at least 1-2 posts a month.  Because I know you have been missing my entertainment.

Few updates from me....RCH Jr and I have officially been together over a year now.  And honestly, ladies and gentlemen, it is still going well.  We are both over the age of 40 (SSSHH...don't tell anyone), he is a first and only child and a Leo.  I am a first born perfectionist and a Taurus!  Can you say STRONG, STUBBORN personalities? Yep!  He moved in last June and we are both still alive and actually still like each other.  We have had to work HARD at it, but he is A-OK in my book.  And he bought me a lovely ring for my birthday (NOT that kind of ring, people).

Let's see, I still LOVE, LOVE my job, we moved to an awesome new office in the same building with views of the city and the river.  I have a new car...her name is Lexi, because she is sexy (Acura ILX).  And after spending a lovely week in sunny snobsdale (Scottsdale) with my parents and my aunt for my birthday, I traveled to New Zealand for 16 days.

My trip was what we like to call in the travel industry, a fam or famil, which simply means the suppliers are giving travel agents free or discounted rates to stay in their hotels and tour with their companies, in order to have them sell more.  I traveled for 9 days by myself and for the additional 7 days with my a group, which was part of the MegaFamil sponsored by Tourism New Zealand.  NOW, I have been on a fam before and most of the time travel agents are traditionally over the age of 60 and have a tendency to COMPLAIN a lot.  When I joined up with the group of travel agents, not only was I PLEASANTLY surprised by how awesome our group was, I had a BLAST and honestly made some lifelong friends...Sue and Mandy (that's you). No one really complained much, everyone participated, everyone talked to one another.  They all laughed at me and my constant wine drinking.  It was awesome.

So not only was everyone VERY classy on my trip, everyone I met in New Zealand was wonderful.  Kiwis, as they call themselves, are extremely hospitable.  And the crazy thing is, they loved me!  Why?  because I had positive energy and am generally a very happy, classy lady.  Apparently, my positive attitude rubbed off on people...who knew?  I always thought I was a jaded, cynical woman, guess I wrong.

I was even on the news in NZ, click here.

But you know I always like to leave you with a message, so here it is ladies and gentlemen seriously, don't worry, be happy.  Yes, the saying is a bit tired.  Trust me, I know, I have been through SH** in my life (divorce, bad breakups, bankruptcy), I get it.  But you know, eventually, things do get better.  Just look at me, in one year's time, I completely changed my career, sold my business, traveled to Antigua and New Zealand and found a great BF.  And now my jobs are to sell travel, teach Jazzercise, write this "AMAZING" blog and volunteer for my lovely sorority.  Who wouldn't be happy?  And you can do it too.

So thanks to all for continuing to read.
Keep your chin, your heels and your standards high.
Bonsoir, Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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