Sunday, March 23, 2014

Ladies and gentlemen are not entitled.

Good morning ladies and gentlemen!  Happy spring and happy March Madness.  I hope that you are enjoying both.  I love this time of year...when you go to a bar and some random chick (who probably didn't even know her alma mater was in the tourney) is cheering VERY LOUDLY in your ear for her Dayton Flyers to beat the Cuse (at least she knew when her team was on defense).   Nice work Flyers...BUT EYE ROLL to the loud chick behind me.

So last weekend I had an experience that I thought I needed to share.  I was visiting the GORGE blonde (don't like to be home alone all the time...recently single chick that I am).  I got home about midnight.  I have lived in my condo for 11 years, I own it, which means I OWN the parking space behind my place.  I got home to find that someone who was a patron at the bar next door had parked in my spot.  This is about the 3rd time this has happened in the last year and I wasn't going to take it this time.  I went next door, told the bouncer that I was calling a towing company.  They announced it in the bar.  In the meantime, I bring my sweet Ruby Caroline down for her final walk.  The owner of the car comes around the corner and YELLS at me for having an attitude about parking in my spot and further threatens to slash my tires.  CHARMING.  Apparently she was entitled to park in my space...because she got there first...not sure.

This attitude leads to a bigger topic that many of my friends and I have discussed in the past few years.  There is an alarming attitude and trend that has emerged with mostly the younger generation out there today.  This entitlement attitude!  No longer do our recent college grads believe that they have to pay their dues and work their way up in an organization.  They are entitled to a $60K salary, three weeks vacation, two hour lunches and not to have to file and make coffee.  And if they don't get it, the parents will call work to ensure that their child gets what they deserve.  Apparently graduating from a 4 year college gets you that now...

And this is just one example.  Unfortunately, the parents are making the situation worse.  I have had to deal with parents in my sorority experience that expect special treatment for their child just because they yell at you and call you names.  They are calling them snow plow parents.

Ladies and gentlemen, being born doesn't entitle you to anything in this world.  Respect and trust are earned not given.  And yep, you have to earn your way in this world.  Last time I checked, people like fellow Nebraskan Warren Buffet, didn't become the richest man in the world because his mom called his first job to make sure he was being treated appropriately.  He worked his ASS off, took some very hard knocks and moved on from there.  My mom and dad never graduated from dad retired as the president of a bank and my mom is a well respected fundraising guru.  And you know what they taught me, work your ass off and you will get what you want.  And let me tell you when I graduated from college, they said, get your own place and pay your own car insurance.  And they did me a favor, taught me to depend on ME and no one else.  (Trust me, they have helped me out when I needed it, that is what it means to be great parents).

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, show some respect.  You have to work for what you want, you don't just get it because you want it.  Show some respect when you are clearly in the wrong, apologize and make it right.  Follow the rules, don't assume that they don't apply to you because you are "different" or "special".  And don't get me wrong, people need help and support from time to time and they should get it when needed.  I am simply tired of this entitlement attitude.

So there is my soap box for the week.  Have fun, be safe...especially those going on Spring Break.  Remember anything you post on the internet exists FOREVER.  :)

....keep your heels, chin and standards high....

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