Sunday, September 21, 2014

Gentlemen Seriously! No material or pick up lines are better than the D+ material you are throwing out there...

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!  Happy fall.  I trust that you are all keeping it classy out there.  I am very excited to announce that I am heading to Australia VERY soon for a three week vacation.  I am taking my parents (it was their Christmas gift, hopefully that gets me a few classy points :)).  It will be an amazing trip.  Don't worry I have secured two hotel rooms or a two bedroom apartment everywhere we are staying.  I am not having a repeat of my childhood summer vacations where I had to sit in the bathroom at night reading because I couldn't sleep (I am a very light sleeper) due to my father's VERY loud snoring.

So this past Friday, a co-worker/friend of mine and I went to a new spot in Hyde Park.  The Promontory, BTW, super cool spot.  Check it out...great menu, cocktail list and live music!  Anyway, Laura and I were sitting in the bar upstairs listening to a great local jazz band and we happened to overhear a conversation with two gentlemen and a lady at the end of the bar.  Here's the scene, the lady is by herself and seems to want to just listen to some music.  Two men walk up to the end of the bar to buy Miller Lites (gross...not classy).  The woman clearly already has a drink and the one dude says he will pay for it...seriously dude?  She already had taken care of it.  And so the one very loud guy is spewing some stupid lines and stories that were making me roll my eyes.  He orders her a shot, she turns it down.  And to the lady's credit, she was being very classy, taking it all in stride and being very nice given the circumstance.  The very loud dude's friend was just quiet and standing next to her.  The funny thing is that the quiet friend got her phone number.  The loud jerky dude....shut down!

Another story....I was on tinder the other day (yes, I know...don't judge).  And I "liked" a guy and we had a match.  Seemed like a good looking guy.  He messages me this..."What's up, play girl?".  SERIOUSLY....that's your lead in line?  NOPE.  He got an eye roll and a delete.

And so it got me to thinking...gentlemen seriously!  It is time to retire the "pick up" line material.  That means all of it, your A, B, C, and D lines.  Ladies do not want to hear it.  The next time you are at the bar and see a pretty is a clue, walk up to her, introduce yourself, say hi and ask if you can buy her a drink.  BE YOURSELF, MAKE CONVERSATION!  You know what, it just might work.  And hey, if it doesn't, no harm, no foul...move on.  And yes, I know, gentlemen, we ladies can be VERY intimidating, but you never know until you try.  I mean it worked on Friday night for the quiet friend.

In this day and age of texting, facebook messaging, it seems that men and women have forgotten how to have a normal conversation and actually date.  Personally, I don't love online dating, too much posturing and desperation, I would prefer to meet someone in person at a bar, restaurant, event or through friends.  And I would love it if a guy would simply say hey, let's have dinner, I would like to talk to you more.  PERIOD.  Doesn't seem to be rocket science.

Guess, I must be an old school, nice girl from Nebraska but...hey gentlemen, drop the lines and the BS, be you.  And the lady doesn't like you for you...then she ain't worth it.  That's solid advice from JZZRGRL.

So I will be dark for a bit as I will literally be DOWN UNDER.  So cheers mate, keep it classy and I hope to have some wonderful stories about my trip.  Maybe I can write a blog about how koalas can be more classy.  :)

....Keep your heels, chin and standards high....


  1. Great post and you're right on. Bring up a topic that you think she might be interested in.

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