Monday, January 26, 2015

How do you solve a problem like Mr Big?

Hello ladies and gentlemen seriously!  I trust that your new year has started out with class.  We are getting close to that one holiday that I continue to dislike HIGHLY year after year.  Yes, we are having our annual Anti-Valentine's Day Pub Crawl, which continues to grow each year.  Why? because no one likes to celebrate that sappy holiday, even the coupled people.  So many of my married and single friends will be pub crawling on V day!

I have been traveling quite a bit for my sorority volunteer job.  Several weekends in January and February and it is always inspiring to spend the weekend with women with similar values who are willing to give up their free time to help inspire collegiate women to be the best that they can be.  And in March, I am getting ready to travel with another classy lady (my travel agent friend from Reno, met her in New Zealand).  We are going to Dubai and the Maldives, can't wait!  Warm weather, here I come!

So I thought it was time to talk about my Mr. Big.  You know who he is...most single ladies have one. Ladies Seriously?  Who is yours?   In my case, our relationship is almost as long and as storied as Carrie and Big's relationship, honestly.  We have known each other for 14+ years, between us, three divorces and for him little people are involved.  And for both of us, lots of bad decisions and heart break.  But yet, still after having gone through everything, this classy lady can't seem to let him go.  WHY?  I am an intelligent woman who basically has her S**T together.  I am a catch, darn it.  Why after everything, do I continue to respond? Probably because I have been in love with him for years and it never goes away.  And previously I hadn't been able to say no at all, and then we would make plans and he would almost always cancel....NOW, I will say I had a small victory last year when I did say, NO, we can't go out.  He was upset and he did go away for a little bit, but here he is again and I am back talking to him.

So ladies seriously, here is my message for all of those of you who have your Mr Big that you can't let go.  Be smart, don't let him string you along.  If he does, move on.  Be smart, don't start walking the two of you down the aisle, this is not a fairy tale.  Be smart, if he steps up to the plate, then by all means, go for it.  But until he has the Mr. Big epiphany and flies to Paris to get you, it is probably best to move on.  Because by continuing to let him string you along, you are closing yourself to someone else great (in my case, haven't a lot of offers of recent, except for my cab driver from the airport last night, figures that he is only guy to ask me out in the past 5+ months)

So ladies seriously, here is my problem solution for your Mr Big, unless you are convinced that he will be committed to you only RIGHT NOW, move one.  You deserve to be treated the way Mr Big treated Carrier AFTER they got married.  :)  And remember actions speak louder than words.

This is the end of my public service announcement for Valentine's Day!  Keep it classy ladies.

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

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