Sunday, May 17, 2015

Ladies Seriously! Let's treat one another with some respect, celebrate success!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Happy Spring into Summer.  It was a lovely day in Chi-Town yesterday.  Ruby Caroline got a chance to enjoy a bar patio yesterday as we got the dogs together so some friends could socialize and MAYBE have a few drinks.  :)  I am busy packing for my next trip to Australia for another three weeks with the gorge blonde.  I am so looking forward to the trip...highlights include:  Vivid in Sydney and dinner with Sara (who lives there), selfie with a Quokka (google it), wine tasting in Margaret River, diving at Ningaloo Reef, snorkeling with whale sharks, overnight at Saffire Freycinet (google it) and ending with a private two wildlife tour in Tasmania where I WILL hold a wombat, see a platypus, quoll and Tasmanian devil. I am very lucky lady!

As many of you know, I work three jobs (two are paid, one is unpaid).  In all three of these jobs, I work mostly with women.  And recently I have been's funny, we all preach sisterhood and talk about how we support other women.  However, how come so many of us bag on other women?  We are SO good at tearing each other our work, relationships, behavior, clothes, hair, makeup, size, etc, etc.  We gossip about one another (and as a classy female, I am guilty of this).  We act like we are friends, but then we talk about one another behind the others back.  I have been in situations where another woman actually sabotaged my personal success just to make to herself feel better and appear to better at her job.

Ladies seriously!  This has got to stop.  In this day and age, women have so much pressure to be a super woman....good at her job, great at raising her kids, successful, a good wife, a good friend, a good daughter.  That is a lot of hats to wear and the last thing we need is to spend time cutting each other down.  We are still earning less than men and we still have to deal with harassment at work.  So stop trying to sabotage one another.  In the work place, one woman's success should be celebrated by all women.  Show some respect.  Classy ladies make other ladies feel good about themselves.  I am always so surprised when I compliment a woman on her dress, handbag, jewelry, etc and she is surprised by the compliment.  We all need to do a better job with this.

This past week was alumnae spirit day with Gamma Phi Beta and I had lovely posts on my facebook page of women celebrating me and my relationships/work with them.  This is what we should be doing ladies seriously!

Well, that's all for me and my little soap box for today, I am off to a land down under!  Keep it classy!

....keep your chin, heels and standards high....

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