Thursday, March 3, 2016

Give college women a break!

Hello ladies seriously!  I trust you all keeping it classy out there.  So this past week, I had an awesome opportunity to participate in starting a new chapter of our sorority at the University of Maryland.  That's right...Fear the Turtle.  We spent two days interviewing over 250 college women.   Not only was an awesome experience, but our team had a great time working together.  At the end, we extending bids to a group of awesome women and they were so excited to be a part of our organization, that even this cold hearted Taurus found it difficult not to tear up.

I know that there is a lot of concern about this college generation and that they may have trouble having interpersonal conversations or that they have no drive or that they are all have an entitlement attitude.  Well I am happy to report that the women that I met at the University of Maryland were none of these things.  They are intelligent, articulate, kind, hard working and driven.  I was thoroughly impressed with how well put together all of them were....some of these ladies are studying criminal justice, communications, pre-vet, pre-med, chemistry, anti-terrorism, etc.  They focus on service to their community and their health.  I met with women of all sizes and color and I am so proud to report that our chapter reflects the best of these ladies and is reflective of the diverse population of women at the University of Maryland.

I have been a member of my sorority for 26+ years now and of those 26 years, I have either been an officer of a chapter (collegiate and alumna) or volunteer leader for 20 of those years.  Many people continue to question my commitment and loyalty to my organization.  Well, first and foremost, I LOVED college and everything about college.  My experience at the University of Nebraska and Gamma Phi Beta was so awesome, I want college women of today to have that same experience.  And secondly, it really makes me proud that my organization continues to be relevant to the college woman of today.  And that our philanthropic mission and values resonant with all women including those of color and other protected populations like the amazing member at Colombia University who is in a wheelchair, our openly gay members and the transgender woman who participated in recruitment.

So here is my message ladies seriously, GIVE college women a break, they are doing the best that they can and they are truly keeping it classy (on most campuses, we do have some rogue ones).  And thank you to the college women, universities and my sorority for continuing to support our emerging women leaders of tomorrow.

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

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