Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer is here!

Hello ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Well our weather in Chicago has done it again...cold and rainy in May and then BOOM it is 90 degrees in June.  This weekend reminds us Chicagoans as to why we stay in this city through the bad winters and bad traffic....It was such a wonderful weekend: Blues Fest, International Soccer at Solider Field, countless street festivals and the America's Cup boats were racing in our harbour!

For those that don't know, I am a bit obsessed with sailing.  It started when I raced catamarans in college.  I have had an opportunity to skipper a huge sailboat in the past and I just love it.  So on Friday, I went into work and said...Who has a boat for me on Saturday?  I want to watch the America's Cup races.  Ok, so I was pretty much joking because I didn't really think someone would have access to a boat.  And then magically on Friday night, a co-worker (awesome chick BTW) messaged and she said she had scored boat access.  YAY!

So yesterday started early and ended early (a classy lady knows her limits and when it is time to go HOME).  By the time we left for Navy Pier, there had to be 20-30 people on the boat...and for my gentlemen out there, about 75% women, you should have been there, they were ALL in bikinis.  I believe there was a case of rose and at least 20 cases of beer on the boat.  And here is what I have to say, everyone had a great time and nothing got crazy or out of hand.  Now, I am a 45 year classy lady but most of the ladies on the boat were in their mid 20s.  I have been teaching Jazzercise for 18 years and I still look pretty good, but I certainly don't have the abs and ass of a 26 year old.  However as my co-worker pointed out, everyone was super friendly and non-judgmental.  And keep in mind, there was not really an ounce of fat on those ladies.  But my point in, there was no body shaming, all just good fun.  And the majority of the men were married and I didn't see any inappropriate behavior going on.

So here is my message today everyone, just when you thought that people couldn't have fun and act like grown ups, you have a fabulous day like I had.  So ladies and gentlemen seriously, way to go....keeping it classy and still having a great time.  And extra thanks to my co-worker for getting me on a boat yesterday.  And yes, we did see some of the race from a distance.

So it is summer time in Chicago and skirts are going to get shorter and tank tops skimpier, so ladies seriously, remember more is more and keep it appropriately covered, dress to your body type and age.  Be classy and have fun.  Don't forget to watch us on facebook for 100 bars of summer, it will start back up next weekend.

Keep you chin, heels and standards high...

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