Sunday, July 24, 2016

Quality individuals have quality friends!

Hello ladies seriously!  It is hot as hell in Chicago and everyone is just trying to stay cool around here.  So I have been back from New Zealand for two weeks now and am back in the swing of things.  This classy lady needs to sell something in the next 5 weeks as I leave for Africa.  I am very excited to be taking my awesome parents to Africa for 3 weeks...South Africa and Kenya.  We have been planning this trip for like 2 years and I can't believe it is just around the corner.

So the gorge blonde and I have been attempting to chip away at our bar challenge this summer.  We did hit the midway point last night.  YAY!  Our day started in Boys Town, as we love our gay friends! So we we continued to hit some fun places on North Halsted, Melis and I were very happy about the cameo appearances by many of our good friends.  I mean the group was even international as we had some fabulous women visiting from Canada.  And as I was chatting to one of the lovely ladies from Canada, we started talking about how awesome everyone in the group was...and NO it wasn't the alcohol talking.

And so it got me to thinking about know when you go out with your friends and then you met up with some of their other friends and you love the new friends just much?  Well, ladies and gentlemen seriously, I think I have said this before...but you can really tell the quality of the individual by the quality of their friends.  And I have to say, my friends are amazing quality!  Everyone I met yesterday was so fun and were just awesome people.  Gay, straight, black, white, Canadian....whatever, all super cool.  

So here is my message for all of the classy folks out there, make sure you are careful about who you spend time with...your friends and companions should reflect the best of you.  Your friends should be supportive and should enjoy spending time with them and WANTING your other friends to meet them as well.  If you have friends that bring you down, it might be time to evaluate that friendship.  Classy people have classy friends, right?

So continue to keep it classy this summer.  The blonde and I will still be out and about on that bar challenge.  And I will still be waiting for Mr. Wonderful to ask me out.  :)

...Keep your chin, heels and standards high...

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