Sunday, October 16, 2016

It's Just Not OK!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen seriously!  I trust that you are behaving with class as we move into fall.  The city of Chicago is all Cubs crazy right now as you can imagine.  I know it has been some time since I posted but that is because I was in Africa for three weeks.  I finally got to do my trip to Africa with my parents, we were supposed to go last year, however, it wasn't a good time for mom and dad and financially, it wasn't good for either of us.....Still paying off this trip.....But it was amazing and I am so glad that I had a chance to take this trip with my parents.

So, since we were out of touch for three weeks, we didn't have to hear any of the nonsense that is related to this history making presidential election that is currently going on in the states.  It was quite a nice break, but the funny thing is that MANY people in South Africa and Kenya wanted to talk about our election.  Some times we forget that as THE super power, our election is meaningful to everyone in the world.

And while I am not going to recount my opinion of who should win (see my post from April 2015).  I do need to speak about what is going on in this country...the blatant racism, sexism and bullying that is being perpetrated by many so called "adults" in this country.  Let me cite a few examples...

  • When a reputable news organization posted the story about Malia Obama made a decision to take a gap year before attending Harvard...and said news organization had to take the story down because of the disgusting, blatant, out right violent comments made towards the classy young lady and her family.
  • The "outrage" of many people in this country because some retail stores and high schools choose to make their public restrooms non-gender specific to allow those transgender individuals to choose the restroom designated for the gender for which they identified.  And some "adults" in this country called them pedophiles and rapists.
This election has turned into name calling central on both sides of the aisle.  It is ridiculous, the debates aren't about their platforms or agendas, but about proving that the other person shouldn't be elected.  In the last four years, it seems that name calling and bullying of different races, religions, gender identities, and sexual orientation is just OK now.  People hide behind social media and think they can say anything they want without consequences.  But when did all of this become OK?? Ladies and gentlemen seriously, I can't think of anything less classy that what is going on.  It's embarrassing and highly upsetting that so called educated men and women are saying the things that they are....Pussy grabbing included.

And I know that my blog post certainly isn't going to be read by people that are doing these awful things and that many of you that read my blog completely agree with me, but as a classy lady, I had to say something.  Ladies and gentlemen seriously, it needs to stop, we are teaching the children of this country that bullying and name calling is OK...It's not OK.  So, my best message to all of you, is if you hear something or see something that smacks of this issue, say something.  I have....and it isn't easy because you aren't going to change a bigot's mind, at least they will know not to say it in front of you.

On a lighter note, the GORGE blonde and I did achieve our goal of 100 bars of summer...and had a blast doing it.  I actually got a few dates out of it and she has a BF.  So we have committed to 50 wines of winter...might help me with my dreams of sommelier school.  

....keep your heels, chin and standards high...

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Bikini tops are not TOPS!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen seriously!  You know it's been a busy summer with our bar challenge and all.  And it's been quite some time since I have had to address a fashion trend BUT lo and behold last week, one came to me.  When did high waisted shorts and bikini tops become a thing?  Last week (or maybe the week before, hard to remember with all #100barsofsummer), the blonde and I were at Gino's East (I KNOW... we aren't tourists but we were going to the Comedy Bar).  And a young girl walked in wearing high waisted denim shorts with a black bikini top.  HUH? This is a restaurant, not a beach bar, there is NO sand or cute guys serving fruity drinks.  And then later that weekend, I saw several women walking around in the same outfit.  Ladies seriously!  Unless you are at a pool or a beach, your bikini top is not a TOP...too much skin ladies, cover it up.  And oh, BTW, high waisted denim shorts are really NOT flattering on anyone.  And ladies seriously, especially if you are a curvier girl (like me)....if your denim shorts are cutting off the circulation in your legs...they are TOO tight and if they are climbing into your lady parts...really TOO tight.  More fabric please.

And to the gentlemen...can we please talk about the tank tops and flip flops?  Gentlemen seriously, if you don't want to look at your toes, then other people probably don't word, pedicure.  And no that doesn't make you soft...just helps people eat around you who are looking your toes with your flip flops.  And guys, I know it is hot, but unless you have arms like Dwayne Johnson (The dreamy), we don't need to see it.  Leave the tank tops for the gym please.

So I am guess 10 days away from my departure to Africa...I am so excited.  The blonde and I have 12 bars left and we have a plan to hit all of them before I leave.  And while the blonde says it is the worse idea we have ever had and it feels like a job...we have had a BLAST.  Such a fun summer, between all of the fun new bars we have found, my trips to Atlanta, North Carolina and New Zealand and all of the awesome people (read....cute guys) we have met.  The blonde even has a boyfriend now...crazy I know.

This will be the last post until I return from Africa, watch my FB page for pics from the trip.  And then the blonde and I will have a de-brief on the highs and lows of the #100barsofsummer...We will be doing this debrief on her rooftop deck while eating Rose Gummy Bars...So fun.

Keep it classy everyone.
Keep your chin, heels and standards high...

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Quality individuals have quality friends!

Hello ladies seriously!  It is hot as hell in Chicago and everyone is just trying to stay cool around here.  So I have been back from New Zealand for two weeks now and am back in the swing of things.  This classy lady needs to sell something in the next 5 weeks as I leave for Africa.  I am very excited to be taking my awesome parents to Africa for 3 weeks...South Africa and Kenya.  We have been planning this trip for like 2 years and I can't believe it is just around the corner.

So the gorge blonde and I have been attempting to chip away at our bar challenge this summer.  We did hit the midway point last night.  YAY!  Our day started in Boys Town, as we love our gay friends! So we we continued to hit some fun places on North Halsted, Melis and I were very happy about the cameo appearances by many of our good friends.  I mean the group was even international as we had some fabulous women visiting from Canada.  And as I was chatting to one of the lovely ladies from Canada, we started talking about how awesome everyone in the group was...and NO it wasn't the alcohol talking.

And so it got me to thinking about know when you go out with your friends and then you met up with some of their other friends and you love the new friends just much?  Well, ladies and gentlemen seriously, I think I have said this before...but you can really tell the quality of the individual by the quality of their friends.  And I have to say, my friends are amazing quality!  Everyone I met yesterday was so fun and were just awesome people.  Gay, straight, black, white, Canadian....whatever, all super cool.  

So here is my message for all of the classy folks out there, make sure you are careful about who you spend time with...your friends and companions should reflect the best of you.  Your friends should be supportive and should enjoy spending time with them and WANTING your other friends to meet them as well.  If you have friends that bring you down, it might be time to evaluate that friendship.  Classy people have classy friends, right?

So continue to keep it classy this summer.  The blonde and I will still be out and about on that bar challenge.  And I will still be waiting for Mr. Wonderful to ask me out.  :)

...Keep your chin, heels and standards high...

Sunday, July 10, 2016

Keeping it classy while traveling!

Hello ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Cheers to all, I hope you are enjoying the summer.  This classy lady has been traveling quite extensively for the last three weeks.  I started at my sorority convention in mid June in Atlanta.  I was privileged to participate in training for the curriculum on Sexual Assault Prevention.  Our organization is partnering with the Fraternity Health and Safety Institute in conjunction with one other sorority and several fraternities to provide training to our chapters.  This is a bold step for our organization and I am very proud that we are working to assist our women with this important and timely topic.  Our organization also passed 55 amendments during business sessions that will change our structure positively for the future.  All in all, it was an exhausting week, but lots of fun and very rewarding.  And hey, I got to visit friends and their new baby AND go to the college football hall of fame while I was there.

Next I went to Pinehurst, North Carolina for a golf conference for work.  And my dad came to visit so that he could play some of the courses at the resort.  It was lots of fun and I always love seeing my dad.   So from Pinehurst, I arrived back in Chicago on a Wednesday night and was home for 48 hours.  Just enough time to see my BFF while she was in town and get my nails done...OH and finish up the quarter hitting my sales goal.  :)

Then I was fortunate enough to travel to New Zealand for a week on a fam trip sponsored by United Airlines.  I was on their inaugural flight from San Francisco to Auckland.  WOW!  What a trip, not only did we get to do things like sail on an America's Cup boat, cruise on Lake Taupo and visit Te Puia (a Maori Cultural School) in Rotorua, we also stayed in a gorgeous 5 star lodge, Huka Lodge. And they put me in the Owner's Cottage, very fancy.  The highlight of the trip was our private yacht charter to Waiheke Island, where we did wine tasting and had a fabulous lunch looking back to Auckland.  And then we took a helicopter back to Auckland.  But the actual best part of the trip were the people!  I had so much fun with the people from United and some of the other agents I met on the trip.  It is amazing to think about what a lucky lady I am!

So with all of travel, the 100 bars of summer challenge has been derailed a bit.  But don't you worry! The gorge blonde and I are determined ladies, we will get back on track here shortly.  And I am actually in town now until 30 August when I leave for Africa!

For those of you who have been reading my blog for the last several years know that my dating life is awful, can't ever seem to meet anyone decent.  And I have been saying for quite some time that I just need to meet someone on a plane, who travels and can understand my CRAZY schedule.  Well, stay tuned because I did meet someone.  Seems very promising and I will leave it at that....I mean, I need to keep you in suspense for the next post, right?

As always ladies and gentlemen, remember to keep it classy and have fun!

...Keep your chin, heels and standards high...

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Summer is here!

Hello ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Well our weather in Chicago has done it again...cold and rainy in May and then BOOM it is 90 degrees in June.  This weekend reminds us Chicagoans as to why we stay in this city through the bad winters and bad traffic....It was such a wonderful weekend: Blues Fest, International Soccer at Solider Field, countless street festivals and the America's Cup boats were racing in our harbour!

For those that don't know, I am a bit obsessed with sailing.  It started when I raced catamarans in college.  I have had an opportunity to skipper a huge sailboat in the past and I just love it.  So on Friday, I went into work and said...Who has a boat for me on Saturday?  I want to watch the America's Cup races.  Ok, so I was pretty much joking because I didn't really think someone would have access to a boat.  And then magically on Friday night, a co-worker (awesome chick BTW) messaged and she said she had scored boat access.  YAY!

So yesterday started early and ended early (a classy lady knows her limits and when it is time to go HOME).  By the time we left for Navy Pier, there had to be 20-30 people on the boat...and for my gentlemen out there, about 75% women, you should have been there, they were ALL in bikinis.  I believe there was a case of rose and at least 20 cases of beer on the boat.  And here is what I have to say, everyone had a great time and nothing got crazy or out of hand.  Now, I am a 45 year classy lady but most of the ladies on the boat were in their mid 20s.  I have been teaching Jazzercise for 18 years and I still look pretty good, but I certainly don't have the abs and ass of a 26 year old.  However as my co-worker pointed out, everyone was super friendly and non-judgmental.  And keep in mind, there was not really an ounce of fat on those ladies.  But my point in, there was no body shaming, all just good fun.  And the majority of the men were married and I didn't see any inappropriate behavior going on.

So here is my message today everyone, just when you thought that people couldn't have fun and act like grown ups, you have a fabulous day like I had.  So ladies and gentlemen seriously, way to go....keeping it classy and still having a great time.  And extra thanks to my co-worker for getting me on a boat yesterday.  And yes, we did see some of the race from a distance.

So it is summer time in Chicago and skirts are going to get shorter and tank tops skimpier, so ladies seriously, remember more is more and keep it appropriately covered, dress to your body type and age.  Be classy and have fun.  Don't forget to watch us on facebook for 100 bars of summer, it will start back up next weekend.

Keep you chin, heels and standards high...

Monday, May 30, 2016

Ladies Seriously...Make your own fun!

Happy Summer ladies and gentlemen seriously!  I trust that you are all keeping it classy over Memorial Day.  For those of you that follow the will see that the gorgeous (previously redhead) blonde and I have started a summer challenge...NO, not a weight loss challenge, fitness challenge or financial challenge (in fact this challenge might hurt all of these areas), we are on a bar challenge...100 bars different bars this summer.  The only rule is that we cannot count the same bar twice, we both need to be there and we each need to have one drink.  Hey, it's lots of fun, ANY of our friends are welcome to join us at any point.  It will get us out to new neighborhoods in Chicago. And maybe we will meet cute boys the old fashioned talking to them in person over a lovely glass of wine.  And maybe one of them might want to take me to dinner.

So last weekend, my pseudo little brother got married in lovely Pittsburgh, PA.  While I haven't mentioned this, I had been seeing a guy and let's just say it never has really taken off.  ANYWAY, I had asked him to be my date for the wedding and he was unable to attend with me (long story and honestly it is not worth mentioning).  So I was scrambling for a date a week before the wedding.  Of course, the gorgeous blonde stepped in as my date (as any of the fab 4 of SMB best friends would have done).  The date included a 14 hour roundtrip road trip and 36 hours in Pittsburgh.  I have to tell you that we had a BLAST.  Not only did we enjoy our table (with people MUCH younger than us), we just had a great time all the way around.  Side note...for those of us that grew up in the 80's, Pittsburgh is the home of the movie Flashdance of course.  Just a steel town girl on a Saturday night.  Well, the gorge blonde and I thought this was amazing...apparently it's not a "thing" in Pittsburgh.  We did request it at the reception and did our best to do the Maniac dance, let's just say, it wasn't as well received as we thought it might be.

So here's my point, ladies seriously, we don't need a date with a man to make our own fun.  And I know that I had a much better time at the wedding with the gorge blonde than I probably would have with original date.  Ladies seriously...the best thing we can do for ourselves (for my single ladies out there) is make your own fun and make your own happiness.  And if you find a man that fits into that life...awesome, be happy.

So as you go out into the fun summer, enjoy, make your own fun, no matter what you are doing.  Keep it classy ladies.

Keep your chin, heels and standards are high

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Happy ladies are the classiest!

Hello ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Happy Spring (well not really in Chi), but maybe the rest of you are having nice weather.  Just spending a lovely afternoon with my cute Corgi, Ruby Caroline, on the bed binge watching The Blacklist.  I had a lovely brunch with my sorority sister Sam and her awesome BF Michael.  I am happy to report that I have started a new healthy eating diet, Dukan.  It is working well...about 7 pounds down thus far, very excited to have all of my clothes fit again.

So I know I haven't posted for a while, I have been busy traveling and just being me.  I think previously I posted that ladies that are happy, just enjoy their lives and continue to be happy.  Well, this classy lady is pretty much in that same mode.  So since I last reported in, I enjoyed an awesome trip to Las Vegas and Scottsdale with some girlfriends, we had a blast and got some sun, it was a quick trip, but fun all around.

And then in early April, I had an opportunity to travel to Fiji for 13 days.  Was it for work?  Yes, kind of, but it is hard to say that staying in 5 different luxury resorts in Fiji is WORK.  But I was seeing properties that we book at work, and of course, I had to check out the spa treatments, the pools, the beaches, the diving and other excursions for  the experience.  It was a wonderful trip, however, we did only have 4 days of sun, lots of rain, unfortunately.  I also got to travel with my friend Mandi, whom I met in New Zealand several years ago.  We like to take a big trip every year, last year was the Maldives, next year is Thailand and Bali.

The other parts of this classy lady's life are good, still chugging along with Jazzercise.  I teach about 3-4 times a week (helping with the weight loss of course).  And the sorority is just fine, looking forward to seeing my sorority sisters in Atlanta for Convention.  I am happy to be teaching a few classes at Convention.

The dating life...well, seems to be the same old story....Meet a guy, mildly impressed, seems to go well and then he gets weird.  The sad part is that I like this's not over yet, but let's just say, I am not overly optimistic.  Same day that prince will come, I may be 85 years old and he may have no teeth, but hey, I am still hopeful.

So no big message here ladies and gentlemen, but just report that this lady is happy and just living life.  And I guess the happy ladies are the classiest.  So everyone, go forth and be happy!  Summer is coming, no better time than the present to get happy.

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high...