Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Men only need 7 pairs of shoes...yep you read it right!

Ok, this one technically is for the guys, so ladies seriously, help your men out here. Yes, gentlemen, it is true, you only need 7 pairs of shoes with an optional 8th pair. And I know some of you are saying, SEVEN! That is a lot. And then there are others of you counting your shoes, I can see you with your fingers right now. Let's see I have those and that one. So take it from me...the recovering shoe-aholic (last count wasn't bad at 60 pairs). Hey, that's not bad, I just saw in In Style Magazine that Christina Aguilera has over 300 pairs. Wonder how many of those she actually paid for? So GUYS, drumroll please, here it is:

1. Black Dress Shoes. Dressy enough for a suit. Preferrably tie up style.
2. Black or Brown Sandals. To be worn with shorts. If you have gross toenails, please make them closed toe.
3. Black COOL Loafers. To be worn with jeans or khakis.
4. Brown COOL Loafers or Tie Up Shoes. To be worn with jeans or khakis.
5. Casual Sneakers. I am thinking Pumas, Skechers, something to wear with jeans.
6. Gym Shoes. ONLY to be worn at the gym, PUHLEASE!!
7. Boots. Uggs or Cool Timberlands. ONLY applicable for those in living states where it snows.
8. OPTIONAL. Flip Flops. ONLY if you have decent toes, if not, gentlemen seriously, don't wear or even own flip flops, which is why this is an optional category.

See, that wasn't so hard. Women need a minimum of 7 pairs of just BLACK SHOES, that doesn't count all the other colors and styles.

And I know, this is a bit shallow and one of the many reasons why I am still single, but BAD SHOES on a guy are a deal breaker for me. Show up to a date with jeans and gym shoes...she cringes, NOPE, it will not do. Well honestly, bad accessories in general are a deal breaker for me. Quick funny story, one friend of mine had a date and when the bill came, she heard a weird noise. HMMM, what is that? OMG, he just opened his VELCRO wallet! Don't get me wrong a velcro wallet is fine...for my 5 year old nephew, I think he has a Spider-Man one.

Anyway, ladies seriously, just having a little fun for the guys. Some of my posts get too serious, life is too short to be serious all the time, especially in these crazy times.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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