Monday, April 12, 2010

Ladies seriously...your intuition is usually right.

Ladies, do you ever get that feeling? You know the hairs stand up on the back of your neck. Something is not quite right? Ever get into a situation with someone and that red flag in your head starts to go up. Well, I am finding that you should never ignore your intuition. If you ignore it, generally speaking, you are kicking yourself later because your intuition is USUALLY right.

Now, I know that I am notoriously BAD at picking the right man. And a lot of times when I think a guy is really a good guy, he really isn't. But generally even when I think a guy is a good guy, I have this gut feeling that he is bad news and I am usually right. You would actually be proud of me, recently, that little red flag went up when I was planning on meeting on an old work colleague to discuss his new business venture. I was genuinely interested to see if he would possibly have a job for me in the future. Well, my intent was to meet with him during the day for coffee or soda. And he, of course, kept being real elusive about the time and the place. And then ultimately pushed it to drinks after dinner. BIG RED FLAG...this man is married and simply wanted to hit on me (for the back story on him refer to blog post It's not OK from November 15, 2009). I cancelled the get together and have not spoken to him since.

So, I know what you thinking, why is JZZRGRL bringing this up now? Well, yes, if you guessed that I have a personal story to tell, well then you guessed right. I recently spent time with a very good looking guy who lives outside my ZIP code (and PS, has a long term girlfriend). Said man and I have known each other for over a year and have always been friendly. Recently SAID man and I starting communicating via text, email, Skype, phone, etc and found that not only did we have a physical attraction to one another, we also had a lot in common and found that we actually enjoyed speaking to one another. HOWEVER, that little red flag was going up in the back of my mind. I even SAID man that I was concerned that I was going to be the loser in this scenario (for the back story on SAID man, please refer to the post Once a cheater, always a cheater on August 1st).

So of course, I did see him a few weeks ago. I spent three nights with him and yes, we had a great time. It ALL worked if you know what I mean. SAID man spent 6 weeks texting, calling and getting to know prior to our planned time together. SAID man had also been making comments about coming to see me on other vacations, etc, etc...

SO WHAT, do you think happened? YEP, you guessed it, I got back from the trip and have heard from him exactly three times. AND most times it was in response to a text or email from me. So those red flags, saying you are only being used for one thing and he has a GF, why is interested in you? YEP, they were all correct. SO SAID MAN! THANK YOU very much for confirming EXACTLY what I thought would happen. And the most disappointing part, I considered him a friend and his actions are so disappointing as a friend! Complete lack of class, no matter what the situation.

So ladies seriously, hear me NOW. If something seems not right, it probably isn't and don't make the mistake I made! Because I actually really liked this guy and now I am hurt and disappointed. You are too fabulous to have to be in my situation!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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