Thursday, April 15, 2010

You can't teach an old dog new tricks!

Yes, it is an overused saying, but I am finding that is it still applicable to many of our friends of the opposite sex. My parents will be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary this year and I have to laugh sometimes when my mamala complains about things that my dad does (or most of the time doesn't do). She has been complaining about the same things for as long as I can remember. And guess what, she still loves him, BUT he AIN'T going to change and she knows it.

And I always have to wonder what women are thinking when they meet a guy and find a few things that they don't like about him. And what does she try to do? Change him, right? And gentlemen, does this work? GENERALLY NO...there might be a few areas that can be changed if the man wants them to be, like his fashion choices, he may need a makeover and if lady is willing to work with it, OK. But his choices in music, friends, leisure activities or his willingness be faithful to you...probably not. And ladies, I know you are FABULOUS and you would think that your fabulousness alone would be enough to change him, but....NO.

So is it does beg the question, ladies, why do you look for or choose to date guys that don't fit your basic criteria? I guess, I know the answer because there is so much pressure to be a couple versus being a single that a lot of times, you LOVE THE ONE YOU'RE WITH, as opposed to finding the right one. AND TRUST ME, I KNOW, I have been single for about 10 years and it gets really OLD. And I love my married friends and family, who tell me, "he's just around the corner" or "that guy isn't worth it". Well, you know what, my dear friends and family, easy for you to say, sometimes not so easy to live with.

But, ladies seriously, either love your man for who he is and don't try to change him OR if there are things about him that you can't live with, then get out of the relationship. Relationships are definitely about compromise, but you have to decide for yourself what you can and can't live with. I mean, if you are like me and prefer short bald men and find a fabulous tall man with hair, are you really going to break up with him...probably not! But if you need someone who loves dogs as much as you do and your man hates all animals, that might be a deal breaker, or if he smokes or doesn't like kids. Ladies, it way more classy to be true to yourself and your needs than stay in a relationship just so you can have one and then to try to change your man.

So the best thing that you can do is be true to who you are and eventually the right prince charming will come along..or at least that is what I keep saying to myself!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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