Monday, August 9, 2010

Gentlemen...take a step back!

Ok guys, it's been a while since a situation or idea has come about that is appropriate for the ladies seriously blog, but lo and behold, Saturday night spawned a new one. So I was at a local establishment with two of my girlfriends, one is single, one has a boyfriend. We were enjoying a few drinks and playing a mean game of Jenga. I mean, what better family fun on a Saturday night, than good friends, good tunes (thanks DJ), good drinks and Jenga.

So, of course, we are so into our game, that it starts to get a little late (eh, like 1 AM or so). As luck would have it Lollapoloza was in Chicago this past weekend (she says sarcastically), which always brings out an interesting group of people. So this group of guys comes up to our table and instead of talking to us or asking if they could join our game of Jenga...they just started taking turns in the game. Now, the three of us being ladies, were nice enough about it...BUT I have to say this, gentlemen seriously, does it appear as though we needed your DRUNK assistance in this game? No one invited you and of course, they were crappy players!

Now, I know what my guy friends are going to takes a lot of nerve for a guy to come up to a table full of women. And this is true, however, they didn't need to get in on our game, if they wanted to talk, TALK, don't start messing up the Jenga strategy! Gentlemen, it was simply RUDE. And worse, they were from out of town! Guess what, if you were a potential date (who would take me to a nice dinner), I might be more interested in your Jenga playing potential, but you came to mess up the game because you thought you might get a ONE NIGHTER out of it? WHATEVER.

Reminds of me of another night of gentlemen rudeness....Smiles, you knew I was going to bring this one up. A beautiful blonde and I were out at a local establishment enjoying some martinis. It was late night and well, at usual, we had ordered some snacks and we had a booth. It was quite lovely. A group of gentlemen came in, and seeing that there are no seats available in said establishment, they decided to sit down with us. They didn't really ask, they just sat. Then the food comes and they proceeded to eat food off of our plates. And the piece de resistance of the evening, one guy taking my bread and dunking it in my chili, without asking...YUCK! Who taught you all manners?

So, here is the moral of the story, gentlemen seriously! If a group of ladies is out enjoying a meal or playing a game, this is not your invitation to participate without asking. Maybe, we don't want to talk to you, maybe we don't want your stoopid fingers on our Jenga game and maybe we don't want your (well MY) bread in my chili. Have some manners, be a man and make conversation!

AH, the joys of singleness and dating...hey all you married guys and girls, don't you wish you could date again!


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