Monday, July 19, 2010

Outdoor Music Festival is not code word for dress like a tart!

Oh boy, so we were at the Lilith Fair concert last weekend. Great concert with Kate Nash, Court Yard Hounds, Heart, Mary J. Blige and Sarah Maclachlan. AND the temperature was about 90 degrees out with 70% humidity, SO IT WAS HOT. Lord have mercy, there was a lot of bad fashion and just silliness going on out there. LADIES!

It is not OKAY to wear any of the following:

1. Cutoff shorts where the pockets hang below the shorts.
2. Fanny packs (ever in any fashion).
3. Dresses with no panties (COMMANDO is just gross in that environment).
4. ONLY a bikini (except at the beach or the pool).
5. Sundresses with no bra when you clearly need a bra.
6. A bikini top with shorts where you clearly have a muffin top.
7. Jeans skirts that barely cover your Va-jay-jay.
8. A satin maxi dress to an outdoor music festival.

It was a series of craziness I tell you. Ladies seriously, just because it is hot doesn't mean that you should abandon all sense of decency.

Plus a few more things:

1. Please don't smoke when you have 10 groups around you that might not want your smoke in their face (and that goes for the illegal substances as well).
2. If you come late to the show, don't walk in front of everyone and set up your blanket in the middle, there was plenty of room higher up on the lawn.
3. If you and your BF or GF are going to stand in front of everyone (making those on the lawn behind you stand so that they can see), don't be grinding on one another and kissing on each other. I am already ticked that you are making me stand, so I REALLY don't want to see that.

Ladies seriously, use your heads and take a look in the mirror. Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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