Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Holiday Parties, don't leave the lady at the door

Well, ladies and gentlemen, are you done with all of your holiday parties? Oh I cannot think of a time where people get themselves in more trouble than at holiday parties. And I am not only talking about the office holiday party, what about your neighborhood party or a party at a friend's house? So here are some rules that I heard on the news the other day and some added ones from ladiesseriously.com.

Office Parties
1. It is a TWO DRINK MAXIMUM. Anything more than that are you are playing with fire.
2. Don't wear anything too over the top festive (think a rudolph nose, antlers or a bad Christmas sweater, unless of course, it is a bad Christmas sweater party) OR don't wear anything too revealing (leave that for your friend's party). And for crying out loud, wear the right bra and underwear.
3. Don't kiss ANYONE except YOUR date under the mistletoe. And for crying out loud, don't make it a make out session.
4. Don't hit on ANYONE at the party, period. No co-workers, no single friend of your other friend, period. Leave that for the bar party you are going to next week.
5. Don't, don't, don't dance on anything but the dancefloor. And then keep it to a minimum, don't pull an Elaine from Seinfeld at your office party.

Other Parties
1. Don't hit your girfriend's date at a party. Even if he seems to be a better match for you, that is JUST WRONG and breaks the ladiesseriously GF code.
2. Just because it is a holiday party doesn't mean that the ladiesseriouly rules for fashion are put by the wayside, not too much cleavage (less than 25% of your boobs showing), right bra (no nipples, no sagging), right underwear (I don't want to see your thong), right leg coverings (leggings don't equal pants, NEVER EVER wear sheer pantihose, unless they are the black ones with the seam up the back and are appropriate, and find the right color tights)...
3. For crying out loud, don't get so drunk that you are basically hooking up with some guy on the dancefloor or in the corner. If you need to do that, take him HOME!
4. If it is a party at your friends' house, BRING something, a gift for the hostess, alcohol, an appetizer...don't be a bad guest.
5. Socialize and mingle, don't stay in one room and watch TV all night.
6. Wear a coat, no open toed shoes without tights, it is the middle of December for crying out loud and we live in Chicago...

The bottom line is, ladies seriously, the same keep it classy rules that apply everyday, apply DOUBLE at a holiday party. Keep it clean, dress appropriately, don't be over served and have fun. Remember, the more you drink, the more you will eat...and of course, we all gain weight, over the holidays, so be careful.

I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas, Belated Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanzaa, and Happy Chinese New Year to all! Have a wonderful holiday, remember the reason for the season and be NICE to your family. Stay tuned next week for the infamous HIGHLIGHTS and LOWLIGHTS from 2010. I know you are anxiously awaiting...

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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  1. I second ALL of that. Just because you're merry and bright doesn't make classlessness right.

    Can't wait for the high (and especially LOW lights of the year!)

    P.S. I mentioned Ladies Seriously on my blog, thought you'd appreciate the shout out :)