Monday, December 20, 2010

Recent Dating Comments and Observations from JZZRGRL

Hello ladies and gentlemen! I hope you are as ahead of the game as JZZRGRL is, all gifts DONE, all cards DONE, all wrapping and shipping DONE, not sure what I am going to do with myself this week. Getting ready to tag out for the big Christmas holiday with my family. We are headed to Kansas City for Christmas this year, which is so fun because I get to see my niece and nephew's faces when they get their Santa gifts.

I wanted to update you on the dating scene, which has gotten a bit interesting, my friends feel they need a scorecard to keep up, but what do they say, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find a good one (actually they say to find a prince, but you know how I feel about that crap) or your chances of finding a good one are better when you play the field, so here I am playing the field:

1. Update from the Houston guy, this is the guy I met this past summer, nice guy, works in the NFL. But hadn't heard from him in like 3 months, suddently get a TEXT message (you know how much I hate the constant texting) and he wants to know if I am mad at him...REALLY? Mad at you, about what? So I send a text back, no, not mad at you. And he sends one back, well that isn't very cheery. SORRY, I am supposed to be excited and cheery that I get ONE text from you after three months. NOPE, sorry, dead to me.
2. Met a guy right before Thanksgiving, actually lives in my neighborhood, from Nebraska, wicked smart (I mean I needed a dictionary to read his emails). He actually hung with my family at Thanksgiving after the Husker/Colorado game, comes over to my house, etc, etc. Then he FACEBOOK emails me on a Thursday afternoon to ask me to watch a movie with him that night, and can we watch it at my place because he doesn't have a TV...WHAT, what 40 year old man doesn't have a TV. I actually am busy that night, tell him I can't and can we do it another night? Never heard from him again...REALLY? You are mad at me because I didn't go out one night. Should have known better, he had REALLY REALLY bad fashion, not sure it could have been fixed. Yep, say it, dead to me.
3. Update from Dallas. SIGH...Ok, had dinner with him in October when I was there for business, VERY NICE TIME. Agreement was that I would come to Dallas if the Huskers played that one Oklahoma team in the Big 12 Championship. And of course, in typical Dallas fashion, I don't hear from him for like 6 weeks (insert eye roll here). Well it did end up that my Huskers were playing the Sooners in the championship. I text him and tell him I can't come down. Get a text back, blah, blah, not sure if he can get tickets and then MY favorite line, you will be missed. WHAT? what is it with you gentlemen, you can't say, I WILL MISS that too much? Anywhoo, on the day of the game, HE TEXTS me to ask if I have a prediction on the game. I say no, it should be close, and ask if he is going to game...I get this, NO, I am saying at home to watch it with new GF...WHAT, you asshole, I don't give a crap about new GF and I didn't even contact you. So this one has been hanging on for a while, so you guessed it, dead to me.

So it is time to shuffle the deck once again, I actually have three gentlemen that are potentials right now. You know I never use names to protect the GUILTY. So there is the 29 year old, I met at a work event, lives in my neighborhood, should see him this week. The French Car guy (he speaks French, YUMMY) and he is helping me get rid of Betty, my 5 year BMW and helping me find Bridget, my new to me BMW (my Mattie says Bridget sounds HOT). And then there is the winner (or the one I like best right now), the soccer player from OH, who lives in Bucktown. You know I don't like to jinx it, so you all don't need anymore information than what I have provided you at this time. All three are cute with good fashion and are in contention, but knowing me, they will all be gone by NYE..HA! And I didn't even tell you the story about Baltimore, cuz there wasn't much to tell, let's just say that was a physical one ONLY.

So to all of my gentlemen followers, follow my advice, don't do what these guys did, if you don't want to hang with a girl, don't keep texting her. And if you DO like a girl, pick up the EFFING phone and ask her out. It is just that simple.

As you will notice the list of dead to me men is getting longer. We will keep trying! Stay posted I have a few more blog posts to come before the end of 2010, ready for this year to be done, not a great JZZRGRL year.

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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