Monday, June 13, 2011

Gentlemen, apparently you can't buy class either...

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I trust that you are keeping it classy this summer. Remember just because it is warm outside, doesn't mean that our fashion rules don't apply. Yes, you can show more skin, but ladies seriously, appropriate undergarments are still required, the right bra and panties PLEASE. Gentlemen, long sleeve button down shirts do not go with jeans and flip flops. And if you have ass ugly toes, don't wear flip flops...get a pedicure!

Ok, so after my experience with a pompous, classless guy (he is no gentleman), I thought I would share with the gentlemen out there how not to act. You might remember last fall when I met a man (let's call him Oriole) at a trade show and had a pretty good time with him (it's a family show, so I won't go into the details, but I think you can figure it out). So hey, I am pretty big believer in honesty and when I left him, his exact words were, we will see each other again. And then I never heard from him...OK, if it was just physical, fine, say that is what it was. I have WAY less respect for you for making it seem like more. OK, FINE, done and done. Moving on...

SOOOO, last week, lo and behold, guess who is coming to Chicago for business. He emails me and for some odd reason I think it is a good idea to get together for dinner one night*. My crazy schedule only allows Wednesday night free, so I suggest that I meet him. Of course, he starts texting with me, kind of flirting...blah, blah, wants to know if I have a boyfriend, I say yes and he is the best. So now, Oriole is all bummed, blah, blah... Next day, he is texting because he is bored and wants to go out, I can't (nor do I want to). And he is boo-whooing, asking for my hot friends. So in a momentary lapse in judgment, I suggest that he get together with the Southern girl (who is single and hey, Oriole is good looking and fun...from what I remember). Figuring they can have a few drinks and have a fun evening. YEAH, little did I know that he thought I was "hooking" them up and basically made a play for her...Gentlemen seriously??? That is so not cool, I offer my friend to hang out with you and you hit on her...?

Fast forward to the next night, when I go out with him, oh lord, this guy is horrible. Complained about his ex-wife the entire time (nothing says classlessness than that), talked about how great he is, looking for a job...$200K blah, blah, he wants to find a woman that will be mature enough to just sleep with him, doesn't believe in monogamy...AND, oh he wouldn't have slept with the Southern Girl given the chance. Sorry, I call BS!!! On that one. So gentlemen seriously, don't act this way, don't bag on your ex-wife, especially if she is the mother of your children, don't sit in a bar and talk about how you don't believe in monogamy...YUCK, the whole thing felt dirty and I don't care to ever speak to Oriole again. Good riddance.

And to my dear Southern girl friend, I am so sorry that I "pimped" you out, so not my intention and thanks for being an awesome friend and rolling with it.

*so HT and I are officially BF/GF, two months in now... :) and YES, I told him prior to going to dinner with Oriole. And yes, HT knew the story and because he has class and is confident, he was fine with it. He is so awesome... Good looking, good fashion, great sense of humor, confidence, smart, fun, classy and just rocks!

That's all I have for you now...but trust me, I am sure bad summer fashion will poke it's ugly head out VERY soon. Until then...BONSOIR! Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!


  1. Yuck. This guy sounds like a real piece of work. On another note, I'm so excited for you and HT to be official! He sounds wonderful. Can't wait to see you next week at LDI!

  2. Love your blog - Too funny and you are right about everything! I was doing a little research - Okay, alot of research - And I have a question for you on the Mr. Morgan story from awhile ago. If it is who I think it might would be VERY helpful to me to know that ASAP. Can I email you? I came upon your blog while researching said man (BOY) in question.