Monday, November 14, 2011

Empowered Ladies! We are making our men lazy...

Good Monday morning ladies and gentlemen. Happy to be back at my job full time, so I am hoping it will be a good week for all. Congrats to my Huskers for their win over Penn State on Saturday and most of all thank you to both teams for keeping it classy given the situation and for a great game! Also congrats to my Tarheels in B-Ball for winning both games this past weekend. So the Southern Girl and I were chatting this weekend about men and dating (more like complaining about it) and I made the following observation....

Women are so independent and empowered these days that we are making our men lazy. Ladies seriously, we ask them out, we make the plans, we do everything. They can text us and ask us out, they can break up with on email...and they can do all of that from their couch while watching ESPN. For my single girls out there, when was the last time a guy actually picked up the phone and asked you out (I know my answer, but that is because I told him I wouldn't go out with him until he called and asked me out, which he did do).

With all of the social media out there, we, as ladies, don't even know where we stand with men anymore. I mean seriously, the culture out there is to basically hook up, so men don't even have to take us to dinner! I don't even blame the guys out there. Gentlemen seriously, we love you, but your default position for the most part is to be lazy, as Jerry Seinfeld says, you only get jobs because you have to, you would be content sitting on the couch all day long. So ladies, it is our fault, we are so desperate to find Prince Charming that we let the guys get away with being lazy...we swoon if they text us! And hey, this classy lady is as much to blame as the next one.

So, here is my message, ladies seriously! We need to make these men work for it a bit, I mean after all, aren't we fabulous? Don't we deserve a little bit of effort? Are we so anxious to have a date that we will make all of the plans and all he has to do it show up...NO, it's time to take a stand. No more texting as the only mode of communication, no more making all of the plans (I mean I am ALL for a little sharing in that arena). No more giving IT away without making him do a little work. Aren't you worth it?

And gentlemen, I am not trying to make things difficult on you, but we have made it so easy on you, you don't even feel the need to date anymore. You can text us and we will just show up. As a society, we don't even know how to make conversation anymore. So hey, let's have a few drinks and chat before we go home and do you know what...

So empowered, independent ladies, UNITE! If he doesn't ask you out, go out with your girlfriends, don't wait at home for him to text at 11 PM for you to come to his house. If you want to date someone, make some plans, you certainly get to know that person a bit better that way, and plus, isn't going out for dinner, drinks, movies, bowling, etc, etc, more fun anyway? You can always come home later ;). Maybe at 40 years old, I am old fashioned, but hey, I embrace it!

We are close to the holidays where your family may start to stress you out...please read some of previous posts on this. Remember, your family is your family, so enjoy it. Keep it classy and be merry!


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