Monday, November 28, 2011

Black Friday is simply not classy anymore!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. I trust that you all ladies and gentlemen kept it classy and did not karate chop any family members or friends over the holidays. We were in lovely AZ! Can't beat turkey by the pool in 70 degree temps. Our family had a blast, of course, I think we went through 2-3 cases of wine during the holiday, but hey, it wouldn't be my family without that. I am proud to say that my dear father taught me his Bloody Mary recipe. So I am prepared to carry on the family tradition!

But to the subject at hand...thanks to my BF for this quote...Black Friday is not classy. It used to be that Black Friday was a sale day for a handful of stores and some families made it tradition to get up at like 2 AM to shop at Kohls and Best Buy. So somewhat respectable, I get it and I applaud the tenacity of those folks. I sure as heck was getting up, but they weren't bothering me.

And now in the past 2-3 years, it has SIMPLY GOTTEN out of control. Ladies and gentlemen, shopping at 10 PM on Thanksgiving, you are 1/2 drunk and full of food, and scrambling for a $20 stereo? Check out the People of Walmart for the pictures, it is frightening.

How does this make sense? People are getting trampled at a VICTORIA'S SECRET...just so you can get 5 bras for $20?

Bomb threats at Wal-Mart? Armed robbery at Wal-Mart? People dying and being injured so that you can get a 42 inch Emerson TV at Costco? It's madness. And why is it happening? Because we (Americans) are letting it happen. Let's face it, the economy isn't stores are doing these sales to boost their top line and we are buying it hook, line and sinker. And for the most part, the deals are EVEN that good.

Hey, this classy girl is all for a sale, heck, I don't like to pay retail for my shoes or handbags, but I certainly wouldn't wait in line or trample someone to get the last DVD player at K-Mart!

So here is my message ladies and gentlemen! I totally get the shopping for a deal but can we be kind to one another, no more trampling? Is it really worth it? Here's a thought, the Cyber Monday sales are just as good and hey you can drink wine while doing it and you probably aren't going to injure a child doing it (unless it is your own). So my soapbox message is this...keep it classy, boycott the silly Black Friday sales and leave Thanksgiving night to how it was intended, napping from the alcohol and trytophan and spending time with your family, because let's face it, most of us don't see our families that shopping really more important? If less people shopped, maybe the stores would take the hint.

Ok, exiting soapbox. Enjoy your week. It is getting to be time for the live tree at my house and the Southern girl CAN'T WAIT to help me again!


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