Monday, February 13, 2012

At least a post it note is better....

Hello ladies and gentlemen, Happy Valentine's Day. Trust that you all kept it classy over the weekend. It was quite the social weekend for me. Date Friday night, Saturday night was the annual Anti-Valentine's Day pub crawl and Sunday was my Jazzercise team staff party. All were fun...I have nothing super exciting to report from the pub crawl, everyone was in control, we had a good time...powered through five bars in about 6 hours. Not bad.

Yes, I know you are wondering about the date, and it was fine. We had a great time to start, talked a lot and it was going well and let's just say, it didn't end well and not sure if I will be seeing him again....not going to get "physical" on the first date. It was an online thing and here's the thing...dude, I am not sleeping with when tonight is the first time I am laying eyes on you. Nuff Said.

So on Sunday AM, one of my best guy friends was staying on my couch with another friend. We were at the pub crawl and it was NOT a good idea for anyone to drive home. He had been seeing this woman for about 2 months, they had been out several times. It had been going OK, but she had gotten a bit weird about texting, saying he never had time for her and he never responded to her, blah, blah...kind of taking the crazy female route (you know the one). Well, on Sunday AM, she "broke" up with him over text. SERIOUSLY? Over text? That is simply not cool. Rule of thumb, if you have been out with someone more than 5 times, the text break up is not cool.

Ladies and gentlemen, in this day of technology, it is NOT COOL or acceptable to break up with someone over EMAIL, VOICEMAIL or TEXT MESSAGE. And this is coming from someone who had her heart broken by having her boyfriend break up with her on email...Be courteous, have some guts and call the person or if it is someone that you have been dating or who just happens to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, tell them in person. You owe it yourself and the other person. I mean at least Burger wrote Carrie a note...albeit a post-it note.

I mean it almost like technology has made us sooo lazy that we can conduct a entrie relationship over text or email. And then can hide behind the technology and not actually have to have the confrontation when you want to break up. And on a side note, online dating shouldn't be used to find hook up dates (at least in my opinion).

So there you have it ladies and gentlemen, have some class and go out in style. Tell the person know either on the phone or in person that you don't want to see them anymore. And let that person move on.

Enjoy your Valentines Day! Oh yeah and I have been broken up with on Valentine's Day as well, so if you want to break up, can you wait until Wednesday?

....keep your chin, heels and standards high!

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