Wednesday, February 29, 2012

We have new terminology at Ladies Seriously!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. It has been a while, I hope that you are keeping it classy! Lots of good things have been going on in this classy girl's life. SO first things first, I have a new job! A completely new industry, travel and tourism. I will be doing Sales and Marketing for Down Under Endeavours, a fabulous luxury boutique travel agency in the city specializing in travel to the South Pacific. My new office is 10 minutes from my condo. I start next week, so I am ready to open a new chapter in JZZRGRL's life! I am also in the process of changing my Jazzercise business, so more to come on that one.

Over the weekend, I had the honor of presenting to 20o collegians and alumnae for Gamma Phi Beta. We had our annual Academy which is a training and networking program for our chapter presidents and advisors. Always an amazing weekend to interact with classy, wonderful college women. And for the most part, our women were pretty good, but we did have some UFCs (unfortunate fashion choices). Ladies seriously, let's make sure we are wearing skirts that are the appropriate length. And if you have heavy upper thighs, don't wear super short skirts, it is NOT flattering at all. My upper thighs are not heavy per se, but I have to tell you I am SUPER self conscious about it. And VERY careful. SO, yes, UFC is a new term, feel free to use it in a sentence. Thanks Mike Malony for giving me the term.

So another UFC that I need to address is aimed at you gentlemen...what is this thing with wearing flip flops with jeans and a button down shirt or a SUIT for that matter. I have flown three times in the past month and ugly man toes are running RAMPANT in airports. I understand that it is easier to use flip flops through security, but SERIOUSLY??? Flip flops are fine with jeans and a t-shirt on a weekend for errands or with shorts on a beach, but not with a button down and jacket. Gentlemen seriously...VERY few of you have decent toes, we don't want to see them. Take the extra 5 minutes at security to put your loafers back on.

So of course, I need to address the Oscars. My SuperBowl Sunday is Oscar Sunday. And there wasn't a lot to talk about...most dresses were just fine...nothing to exciting. But I need to address the husband stealer (Angelina Jolie)...Seriously? With the leg, annoying as heck and I simply don't like you...yuck! And to my dear sweet Emma Stone (NORMALLY LOVE YOU), HATED the huge was bigger than your head and that awful Nicole Kidman wore the same dress like 7 years ago...sweetie, you are cute and fun, wear something that shows off your bod and let's see your face, not the big bow. Hats off to Meryl Streep (Ladies Seriously Hall of Famer) and Octavia Spencer for the classiest, most gracious acceptance speeches of the night. All in all, a fine Oscars, but not spectacular.

Well I am happy to report I am home for the month of March. I did have a good date this week, which should turn into a 2nd we will see. He is a spinning instructor, HMMM, someone who might be able to keep up with me :) Have a great weekend ladies and gentlemen seriously. Keep it classy.

...keep your chin, heels and standards high!

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