Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Happy St. Patricks Day - Keep it Classy!

Hello ladies and gentlemen. If you are in Chicago, I HOPE that you are enjoying the weather today, RECORD HIGH in March at 79 degrees. Seriously, don't tell anyone about our weather, people might start to move here (or spend the winter here ;). The three things that make Chicago less desirable are the weather, the traffic and the prices. IF the weather improves, people will start moving here and the other two things will get worse! ;)

So one of my favorite holidays is around the corner. And no it is not because I recently dyed my hair red or because my first name is the same as the famous river in Dublin, Ireland (and I am not a DROP Irish BTW). It is because well...I love a holiday that is basically about partying and having some drinks (I mean, Thanksgiving is the best). UNFORTUNATELY, it is also known as one of the biggest binge drinking holidays of the year. And since it falls on a Saturday AND it is really nice outside, the rookies will be out in force. Word to the wise, if you live in Chicago, you MIGHT want to steer clear of the Loop, Old Town, Lincoln Park (otherwise known as the LP) and Lakeview on Saturday.

And why do I say that...well because young men and women have a tendency to drink starting at 8 AM on St Patrick's Day and then continue drinking all day. And let's think about this, do really DRUNK men and women act like classy gentlemen and ladies? OH HECK NO. There will be hordes of them falling in the street, throwing up, cussing and just generally being belligerent. OH lord, it is a mess.

And ladies and gentlemen seriously, can we refrain from wearing the t-shirts and hats that say things like F*^& Me, I'm Irish or any other crass unclassy phrase like that. Since when did it become appropriate to wear that type of thing. My dear sweet Grandmother would be spinning in her grave (well she might be spinning because of my tattoos and belly button piercing as well...). I cannot think of anything less classy than a woman who is totally in the bag wearing a shirt like that. JUST YUCK!

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, I hate to sound like a beer commercial, but celebrate responsibly and remember it is a marathon, not a sprint. If you are going to drink for the majority of the day, space those drinks out, drink some water, have some food, maybe go home and take a nap, come back out and most importantly have fun. Won't you enjoy the day more, if you can remember it all?? And once again, if you are a collegiate member of my sorority, please head this warning...PLEASE PLEASE I don't want to visiting your chapter for an issue in the future. SMILE.

So Happy Patty's Day from this non-Irish, Irish named girl from a VERY Irish city (yes, we still die the river green). Eat, drink, be merry and keep it classy!

....keep your heels, your chin and your standards high!

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