Thursday, June 20, 2013

Mamas don't let your babies grow up to be rude....

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen seriously!  So I have a little reminder in my TO DO list every two weeks to do a blog post and as the time gets close, I seem to be searching for a good topic and then LO and BEHOLD, one presents itself.  :)

So, yes, it is another bus riding story.  I seem to get some good material there.  So the other day, I was sitting in the bus shelter waiting for the bus to arrive.  And a group of three teenagers came in.  And they were being typical teenagers, loud and obnoxious.  I kind of ignored them...since they are teenagers.  One bus stopped....TOO FULL.  SMB doesn't like to stand on the bus (can't, in the heels that I wear).  And the three boys waited as well.  So the next bus approaches, and it is fairly empty so I stand up.  Two of the teenage boys literally PUSH me out of the way to get first in line to get on the bus first.  I am literally standing there with my mouth open.  They both get on the bus and I am standing there, the third boy finally realized how rude they were being and he stepped back for me to get on the bus.  I did stay thank you to him.

This isn't just about the fact that these are boys and chivalry sometimes seems to be dead.  This is about common courtesy, I was there waiting for the bus well before those boys.  So here is the point ladies and gentlemen seriously who are parents, please teach your children some manners in public, even if you aren't there to supervise them.  There is no excuse for rude behavior and children should be taught appropriately.  I know that my sister would never let her son act like this in public.  And additionally ladies that are moms to boys, teach them to treat ladies appropriately and how to act like gentlemen.

And just on a side note, ladies and gentlemen seriously who are parents, not everyone in the world thinks your child is wonderful, so be mindful of them in public, letting them scream and run around in a restaurant, isn't cute.  Well behaved children are much cuter.  :)

Everything else here in my world is status quo.  RCH Jr is good.  Work is great.  Jazzercise is good as well.  Heading to Scottsdale for a sorority conference next week.

So it's summer time, remember sometimes less is not more ladies seriously, keep everything covered up appropriately.

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

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