Thursday, July 4, 2013

Being classy also means know how to give appropriate feedback...

Happy 4th of July ladies and gentlemen!  I hope that you are all enjoying your long holiday, being safe and merry while still having fun and being classy.  This 4th of July, I am enjoying some alone time as RCH Jr is working.  And still keeping my promise to you all and posting every two weeks.

So I was fortunate enough to be at a Leadership Development conference last week with many of my sorority sisters.  And due to the brilliance of my best friend, the program was great and really allowed the attendees get some professional development time.  We discussed issues like communication, motivation, dependability and accountability.  And, you know, no matter how much experience we all have, we can use some training on these subjects.  As women, we have a tendency to downplay our successes and always want to keep the peace rather than having difficult conversations when someone needs to be confronted on issues.  Personally, I am my father's daughter and am very non-confrontational by nature. I know that I needed some training on how to give appropriate feedback.  So thank you to Smiley and the women of Gamma Phi Beta for giving this to me.

And so here is the message for the week, ladies and gentlemen seriously, avoiding conflict and avoiding difficult conversations is NOT classy.  How many times do people upset us and we don't address the issue?  And then we are ticked off, complain about it to our loved ones and then continue to think badly about that person that we didn't confront.  That isn't healthy for any of us.  So if something is bothering you....give yourself a day to relax and get some perspective.  And if you are still upset, then speak to the person about it.  Make sure that you present the information in an non-confrontational way...address the behavior and don't blame the person.  Tell the person how the behavior makes you feel and ask for a different way for them to behave in the future.  Trust me, not only will you feel better about the situation AND your relationship with that person will improve.

I am trying to practice this advice myself.  And in the case where it is a family member or your significant other, you need be careful.  For example, I know my RCH Jr needs to have situations addressed in a certain manner so that he "understands". know what I mean.  Remember, you have to live with these people, so don't say things you don't mean in will be sorry.

Ok, so I know this subject is a little deep for a holiday weekend.  However, you know I love to address ALL parts of being a classy lady or gentleman and that includes how you communicate with people.  So ladies and gentlemen seriously, have a great holiday weekend and start having those tough conversations!

For me, I am heading to see my niece and nephew next week, I am SOOOO excited to see them.  Can't believe this summer is half way over.

....keep your heels, your chin and your standards high....

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