Thursday, September 26, 2013

I feel bad enough about myself...

Hello ladies and gentlemen!  Yep, it is once again that time where I impart my glorious wisdom to the universe.  You can all stop gagging now.  :)  It is fall and yep, it is almost time to let those pretty painted toenails go into hiding.  But don't forget about your tootsies in the winter, ladies AND gentlemen (especially you GUYS), they still need pedis and love during the winter months.  So we have had a rash of fabulous weather here in Chicago, so everyone is loving life right about now.

This past weekend I had an opportunity to visit a Gamma Phi collegiate chapter in Northern California.  The population of this particular campus is pretty diverse, think lots of Black, Asian and Indian decent (and plain white people like me ;) ladies on campus and who are equally represented in our chapter.  And I am talking some DROP DEAD gorgeous ladies.  And I have to tell you that I was SO disheartened to hear from these ladies and the other fraternity men and sorority women on that campus thought they were the "ugly" chapter...why?  Because they don't fit the stereotype of the blonde California girl.  Seriously...ladies and gentlemen, racism is alive and well all over the country (I know you know this but it really upsets me when it is hurting the self esteem of young beautiful college women).

As my other sorority sisters and I were discussing this issue (and of course other issues, a very wise sister said this..."I can make myself feel bad enough on any given day, I don't need someone else who does it for me"  Couldn't have said it better myself.  So ladies and gentlemen, here it is, DO NOT waste your time spending time with people that make you feel bad.  This goes for friends, acquaintances, boyfriends, girlfriends and FAMILY.  Life is too short.  DO NOT let others define how you feel about yourself.

It just lead me back to thinking about the gorgeous ladies in our chapter who think they are ugly because others say you are.  NOPE...I don't care where you come from, your interests, your intelligence, your body type...everyone has something to contribute.  BE proud, follow the simply rules on dressing for your body type and your age and you are golden.  I wish I could wave my magic wand on these college ladies and give them all confidence and self esteem.

So here is the deal, surrounding yourself with people that make you feel good about your self is the classy way to live your life.  So examine those relationships and groups of people ladies and gentlemen seriously!

Happy FALL!

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

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