Thursday, December 12, 2013

Our World, Our Devices! Let's talk etiquette ladies and gentlemen

Hello ladies and gentlemen seriously!  I know I missed a few weeks in there with my posting.  I am SURE you were going through withdrawal.  But I trust that you are all behaving yourselves and enjoying your holiday season.  You have permission to do as I have done and refuse to get on the scale until after the first of the year.  Goal should be to simply maintain "ISH" your weight  .....  Remember to be classy and not get stupid drunk at parties and dress appropriately.  And that means dress like ladies and gentlemen, but also dress appropriately for the weather.  It is -2 in Chicago today...that means lots of layers and yes you might look like a snowman, but at least you will be warm.

Yes, well, I was waiting for a subject to hit me as important and LO AND BEHOLD...I was at the card store the other day picking out some holiday cards and it hit me.  Probably because the woman next to me, who was hogging all the space in front of the cards I wanted to see was talking on her phone the ENTIRE time about nothing...  And it got me thinking about this electronic age that we live in and it is time to discuss proper etiquette when using our devices.  So here is my ladies seriously list:

  1. PLEASE ladies and gentlemen, when shopping at a grocery store, card store, etc or when on the bus, train, plane, keep your conversations to a minimum volume and minimum length.  I understand there are emergencies, however most of these people are just shooting the breeze.  Really?  You can't find a better time to have your chat.  Ladies and gentlemen seriously, I don't want to hear your conversation.   OH LORD, don't get me started on what it would be like if they let you use your phone on planes.  YUCK.
  2. If you are somewhere playing Candy Crush or some other type of game, turn the volume OFF.  I really don't need to hear the bells and whistles on your game or more importantly your CHILD's game on a plane.  The game works just as well without the sounds.
  3. If you are out with a friend, a date, your family, TALK to one another.  Put the device to the side.  My goal is to put it on my handbag, I don't need my phone on the table the whole time.  I know we are all guilty of it, but as a society we are losing the ability to speak to one another.  We text and email when a phone call might be more appropriate.  I can't tell you how many times I have seen people out on a date, both staring at their phones.  Even better when I was in Tahiti, I saw people on their honeymoon at the dinner table both on their phones.  I have seen a family of four sitting together ALL on their devices as well.

So here is the public service announcement from JZZRGRL, put the freakin phone down.  I am just as guilty, so ladies and gentlemen seriously, let's all vow to be less dependent on our devices and talk to one another.

Have a wonderful holiday season.  Eat, drink, be merry and keep it classy!


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