Saturday, February 8, 2014

Character is often illustrated by how one treats others

Happy Saturday ladies and gentlemen seriously!  It's the weekend in Chicago and we AGAIN are preparing for another 1-3 inches of snow.  I guess we are paying for the last two NICE winters that we have had.  So far we have gotten 28.1 inches of snow and we have not gotten above freezing in 9 days running.  Good thing Chicago is fun in the summer.

Ruby Caroline has been with me for about a month now.  And she is a very good girl.  Basically potty trained and learning that mom is in charge and when I say NO, I mean it.  :)  She is learning how to be a classy lady (well as classy as a dog who pees outside can be).

Being out and about in Chicago allows me to observe a lot of behavior.  And boy let me tell you, people suck, there are a lot of jerky people out there.  And it got me to thinking about being classy and having character.  And I have to say, observing how people treat others is a true show of character in my book.  The following behaviors I have observed in the last several years and I contend that these people don't have a lot of character:

  1. People that sit on the bus or train and purposely take up two seats or put their bag on the seat next to them and let other people stand.  OR let elderly people or pregnant women stand because they are too focused on Candy Crush.
  2. People who literally let the door slam in another person's face when entering a Starbucks.
  3. People who ignore a mother or father trying to get their stroller in and out of a door or up and down stairs.
  4. Those same mothers or fathers who ram their stroller into people's feet because they are too busy on the phone instead of paying attention to their kid.
  5. People who cut in line, cut people off and just generally act like their time is more important than others.
Ladies and gentlemen seriously, there are 313 million people living in the US.  We are all in this together, can we treat each other with respect?  Please?  Smile, hold open doors, allow people to sit on public transportation.  

So these are small things that we can do to show class and character.  But let me tell you, I have absolutely NO tolerance for people that are disrespectful to their parents or their animals.  I am a VERY lucky lady and have two of the greatest parents in the entire world.  They have never done anything but support me and love me.  I had a bit of a Beaver Cleaver family upbringing.  But even if you didn't have that type of family, you still need to respect the people that brought you up.  Period.

Animals.  OH BOY, I really get upset with those people that have dogs and crate them for up to 12+ hours because they are out at happy hour.  GO home, take care of your animal.  Don't have a 150 pound dog in an 400 square foot apartment, it's unfair.  I am not saying completely stay home, the dog is still the dog, but have some compassion.

So ladies and gentlemen seriously, karma is a BITCH and what you put out there is probably what you will get in return.  Respect your fellow man, your parents and your might just get the respect you want.

The 6th Annual Anti-Valentine's Day pub crawl is upon us once again.  It looks like we have might our largest crowd ever.  Sounds like a perfect V-DAY!  Enjoy everyone.

....Keep your heels, chin and standards high....

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