Monday, January 27, 2014

Up in the Air....George Clooney would approve ladies!

Good morning ladies and gentlemen seriously!  Greetings from beautiful San happy to be in a place with 60 degree weather instead of Chicago, which is -4 today.  I have been traveling the last two weekends in a row.  Last weekend, I had a great time with some travel agents friends in New Orleans.  Don't worry... we were fairly classy.  We did have a "classic" French Quarter evening on Friday night.  And this weekend I was traveling for the sorority.  Had a great meeting with my regional retreat.  What a great group of classy ladies!

So as I have been traveling, it got me to think about airport/airplane etiquette.  OH BOY...ladies and MOSTLY gentlemen, this is an area where we need some work.  Yesterday, I flew Alaska Airlines.  I was literally in line, with a guy behind me to check my bag (yes, I am a CHECKER....I can't be bothered with my liquids).  The agent was helping two ladies in front of me, they finished and stepped to the agent.  The guy behind me LITERALLY walked from behind me to the other side and handed the agent his ticket.  I looked at him and said SIR, I was here first.  He says to me....there are two lines here.  And the agent goes to take his ticket and I say...whatever, do what you need to do ?  And then the agent starts placating me!  Don't worry Ms Bradley, we will take care of you.  That's fine Ms. Bradley...HUH?  RUDE, RUDE, RUDE.

I have a sorority sister who travels just about 250+ days per year.  And she tells me stories about the treatment of single women travelers ALL the TIME.  How flight attendants, gate agents and MALE travelers treat her...certainly NOT with respect.  Announcement to airline personnel....NEWSFLASH, it is 2014, women travel for business just as much as men.  Have some respect.

So here are my rules for appropriate travel etiquette:

  1. If you are in group 5 for boarding on a plane, your roller bag will not have space in the overhead bin.  Don't whine and moan in the jetbridge about having to gate check your bag.  CHECK it and stupid.
  2. Have some common courtesy for those seated next to you, ONE bag under the seat, not TWO.  Do not assume that BOTH armrests are for you.
  3. When deplaning, the appropriate way is for each row to empty before the next one, DO NOT stand up and then cut in front of the rows in front of you.
  4. Ladies and gentlemen....your seat reclines approximately 3 inches...DO YOU really need it?  I am sure the person behind you would appreciate the space, don't recline.
  5. Don't have the volume on your music/movie SO loud that the person next to you can hear it.
  6. PLEASE PLEASE don't stand RIGHT in front of the luggage carousel.  I am pretty sure you can still see your bag if you take two steps back and then EVERYONE can see.
  7. When standing in the TSA line, can you please be prepared, take your off your shoes, take out your laptops, etc.  Guess WHAT?  the line would move quicker.
  8. If you have a big bag or backpack and walking down the aisle, be aware that you don't hit people in the head or face.
  9. Please be speedy when you find your seat, no reason to lallygag in the aisle.
  10. If you have a legitimate complaint, please make sure to tell someone.  But don't stand there and bitch and moan about shit that happened to you yesterday at the airport.  None of us care, really!
Again, I know I am a broken record, but ladies and gentlemen seriously, we are all in this together...not matter what your reason for traveling, let's treat everyone with respect.  Smile, it's not that bad. Remember the golden rule.

Ok, so it is almost SuperBowl time.  I hope we return some class to our commercials this year.  Bruno Mars is doing the halftime show...won't be 1/2 as good as my girl Beyonce.  So have a great time, be classy!

....Keep your chin, heels and standards high....

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