Wednesday, October 14, 2009

ALL the single ladies! Put your hands up!

Oh yes, the time is upon us again, ladies and gentlemen, Sweetest Day is just around the corner, it falls on October 17th this year. OH MAN, I do not like how this holiday has been morphed into a Valentine's Day in the fall. WARNING: the following comments are from a jaded, single woman. Some comments may not be appropriate for the hopeless romantics and happily coupled, married and in LOVE people out there.

OK, SO Sweetest is primarily celebrated in the Midwest, because apparently, the men here need to be reminded twice a year to buy their girlfriends or wives, flowers, cards, dinner, etc. Midwest men, you should be insulted that you have to be reminded twice. And I guess that the East coast and West coast men don't need the second reminder..HMMM. Anyway, do you know the actual origin of this holiday? Here is what my Google research found: The holiday is said to have begun in the city of Cleveland, Ohio in 1922. Candy store employee Herbert Birch Kingston put together a group of citizens to provide small gifts to homeless people, orphans, and others who had fallen on hard times.

OK, GREAT IDEA! Hey Hallmark, why did we have to make it a second Valentine's Day? And yes, I know, I said like a bitter female, I just don't understand why we constantly have to be focused on couples, love and marriage in this country. Don't get me wrong, I completely respect the happily married couples out there, and if you can find someone that you can stand to be around ALL THE TIME and they can stand you...go for it. Heck, my parents are celebrating their 39th wedding anniversary on Saturday, October 17th, ironically.

And if you are single, everyone assumes that you are looking for someone to marry. "Don't worry, you'll find someone", blah, blah, blah. Hey, just what, I may not be looking for someone to marry, do I want to find someone to date and have a long term relationship with? SURE, but marry, EH, I could take it or leave it. Several decades ago, women had to get married as the men were the breadwinners, but that is not the case anymore. Ninety two million people in the US (42% of the total population) are single, but it seems that everything is focused on couples. Perhaps 42% of the activities, events and holidays should be focused on single people.

You know I joke all the time with my friends about the fact that if I did actually get married (again), my husband might have to keep his own place, because after being single for almost 9 years, I am not sure I could live with someone again. So ladies seriously, if you are happy being single, don't get so focused on getting married and don't let your friends and family convince you into believing that is the only way to go.

Single, married, looking, whatever is, ladies seriously, be happy with you and your relationship status! Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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