Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Humanity is acquiring all the right technology for all the wrong reasons.

Ok, here's my question...with all of the technology and science in the world, I mean, we can make cars that parallel park themselves for crying out loud (for all of those parking impaired in the suburbs of Chicago, YA, I am talking to you), we can genetically engineer foods so that corn can be more digestible and we can PAUSE live TV! So here is one of my questions, why can't we make foods that are good for you taste like foods that are bad for you? I mean seriously, why can't brocoli taste like french fries? What can't spinach taste like chocolate chip cookies? And why can't plain baked chicken (read: dry) taste like fried chicken (yes, just like the Colonel makes). I mean, we want everyone to eat healthy, right? Well, that is the way! And for that matter, why can't the pasta and potatoes that I LOVE actually sculpt my abdominals instead of giving me that little muffin top that I work SO hard to get rid of?

AND the answer is: probably because all of the chemicals would cause cancer, right?

Ladies seriously, all joking aside...with all the science and medical breakthroughs in the world, WHY OH WHY, can't we find a cure for cancer? Please indulge me for a bit, as I have been facing a horrible situation this past week with my dear sister and I want to share the story. My sister has a 25 year old friend who is an amazing young woman and put herself through undergrad and graduate school at Kansas (but we won't hold that against her). She chose to dedicate her life to help others less fortunate than herself, namely, our homeless. She has stage 4 ovarian cancer and her prognosis is not positive. Thank goodness she has amazing friends and a wonderful boyfriend of nine years. There is no words to describe how unfair life is in this situation.

So I am absolutely convinced that someday, we are going to laugh and be appalled about how we treat cancer these days, I mean, slash it and burn it right? Well, long long ago, doctors used to use leeches and bleed people to cure diseases. We look at that now and think that is crazy, well I truly believe (and hope that it happens sooner rather than later) that we will think chemo and radiation are crazy. Some very smart person is going to create a drug or injection to cure cancer.

While I know that this blog post is a bit of a departure from my regular posts, ladies seriously, as I sit here tearing up thinking of my sister's dear friend, if you have time or money to give and you are trying to find a cause, give it to finding a cure! And all the smart people in America! LISTEN TO ME...let's use all of that brain power we are using to create cars that park themselves and find a cure.

To my sister's dear friend...god bless and I am praying for a miracle (they do happen) and for all of the rest of you out there fighting or affected by cancer, my heart goes out to you! Let's find a cure!

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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