Wednesday, December 9, 2009

If it smells like funk...

Thanks to one of my favorite bands, the Black Eyed Peas for lending me the title to the blog post today. And special thanks to one of my girlfriends for providing the blog subject today. Ok ladies seriously, how many times have you seen another lady on the street and her zipper is down or her skirt is tucked into her hose? Did you stop her to help her? If not, why not?

I remember this one time in band, just kidding. One time I was on a business trip in a skirt carrying my briefcase over my shoulder. My skirt was caught on my briefcase and I was literally flashing my bootie to all of the men behind me. And of course, you know the guys weren't saying anything. So this lovely woman came running up to me to tell me about the problem. I was embarrassed but glad I didn't flash the men behind ALL THE WAY down the escalator. So thank you to that lovely woman in Tampa, FL in 1994.

So here is my question, ladies seriously, why do we let other women walk around with these problems:
1. Something stuck her front teeth
2. Lipstick on her teeth
3. Zipper down or button undone (careful here..she might want it that way)
4. TP stuck to her shoe
Wouldn't you want to know? So if you see someone with one of these problems, be classy and help a sista out! She might be embarrassed, but she will be grateful! Trust me.

And so that leads to me the another subject...what do you do if your friend, sister, mom or colleague is stinky? And you know what I am saying, you can smell her and it is not a lovely Bath and Body Works scent. Sometimes it is hard to know if you personally smell and if you do, wouldn't you want to know? So, please help your sisters out, if they smell, tell them the problem and maybe suggest a different deodorant or laundry detergent. Sometimes it is as simple as changing on of those. And listen, I have had to have this conversation with a customer in one of my classes. It is hard.

And ok, yes, if it is body odor, maybe it is not as hard to discuss with someone. BUT WHAT IF, she has that feminine odor problem? You all know what I am talking about. What if your friend has a stinky VA-Jay-Jay? Do you say something? YES, PLEASE tell the poor woman, maybe she doesn't know. And if she does, maybe she doesn't know what to do about it. There are medical issues that cause this, maybe she needs to see a doctor. I mean, we are all women, why is it such a VOODOO subject to talk about that area? As hard as it might be, don't you think she should know? Again, help a sista out!!

So I guess once again, the simple rule undo others and you would have done to you. If you have lipstick on your teeth or have body odor, don't you want someone to tell you? So please pay it forward to our other classy ladies out there. Trust me it is much classier to say something than to ignore and let some poor woman be known as STINKY SALLY at work.

This has been a public service announcement from JZZRGRL. Cheers and CIAO BELLAS!

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