Thursday, January 21, 2010

My mother would be so disappointed...

That is what I say to myself all the time, if I do or say something rude. Ok, ladies, it is time to talk about rude people. And the reason why I am reminded of this is, of course, I had an experience this past weekend with a rude individual. So I was at the movie theater this past Saturday seeing Carmen, The Metropolitan Opera Live in HD simulcast. It was SOO amazing. But anyway, you pay $22 and you get to watch the live performance in a movie theater. So I have been told that I had been told to get there early to ensure I got a good seat. So I arrived AN HOUR early, I got a great seat and I was reading my Kindle and hanging out. So I had put my coat on the back of the chair. I decided to take a potty break and get some popcorn, so I left my stuff. YEP, you guessed it, when I came back and someone was sitting in my seat, with her coat over mine. So I walked up and said that was my seat...and she said rudely, how do it know that? I said because my coat is on the back of the chair. She said, No that is my coat. And I reached behind her and pulled my coat, picked up my items underneath the seat and moved to another seat. Fortunately for her, there was a seat right behind her and was a still a great seat. But here is what I am saying...REALLY?? at the Opera, you are going to take my seat. The kicker was that she was about 60+ years old and should have known better. For that matter, I was the youngest person in the audience by like 20 years...which I just don't get, doesn't anyone in their 30s like the opera?

ANYWHOO, I am sure that you all can think of countless times at the grocery store, the post office, etc, where people are just plain rude. Like their time is more important than yours. OR my favorite, because the person has a kid or is pushing a stroller, they should get preferential treatment. Here is another great the airport (several years ago) at Christmas time, it was so cold at Ohare, that the baggage handling system has gone down. They were fixing it and many of us were waiting outside to use the Skycab service. There were probably like 15-20people in line. I was the first in line. There is a man several people behind me that said something like, he should get to go first because his kids are waiting outside with him...REALLY? Dude, first of all, put your kids inside, they shouldn't be waiting in the cold and second, you don't get to CUT in line because of your kids. And don't get me wrong, I do like kids, but I can tell you my niece and nephew don't expect to be treated differently because they are 8 and 5.

Another example, my upstairs neighbors are the most amazing loud people in the entire world. They have two dogs that run the hallway starting at about 5 AM. Well, GOODIE, GOODIE, guess what, she is having a baby this week. So for the past several weeks, she has been letting her dogs pee on my deck and others' decks in my building. Her excuse is that she is 9 months pregnant and can't run down the stairs with them. OK, so what is the solution...either don't get pregnant, don't have dogs or train them otherwise. It is just so rude. And plus, let's just say that she is not the nicest person in the whole world, there is a permanent scowl on her face and it was there before she was 9 months pregnant.

So, ladies seriously, I know that you are all classy women and would never do anything rude, but just take note to be cognizant of those around you. For example, I always take my shoes off when I come into my condo so that my downstairs neighbor doesn't have to hear me. Be classy and polite. Don't cut in line, don't have the attitude of entitlement because you are over the age or 60 or you have a kid. One exception, if you are on public transportation, please give up your seat for a pregnant woman or elderly person...WHY? because is the polite, classy thing to do. And unless you are disabled, you can probably stand for a longer period of time. When in doubt, ask yourself, is this a classy thing to do?

Cheers and CIAO BELLAS.

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